The Three Best Features of iOS 6 on Your iPhone


iOS 6With a few weeks experience using iOS 6, a few of the new features are rising to the surface and showing themselves as real gems. In case you haven’t had the chance to play around, or you need a good reason to stop delaying your upgrade, consider my picks for the three best features of iOS 6.

  1. Respond to a Telephone Call with a Text Message – Has the age of text messaging and email changed how you feel about voice calls? Sometimes it’s just faster to give a quick text or you are in an environment where it’s easy to respond with something you type instead of speaking aloud. Whatever your reason, the ability to ‘reply with message’ to anybody phoning who is in your contact list is a very handy one.
  2. VIP Status – Now you never have to miss an important communication from one of your favourite people. Not only will their messages stand out, you can easily customize their alert tones and notification details.
  3. “Do Not Disturb” Mode – Anybody who used to turn their iPhone on to silent-mode when they were heading to sleep will appreciate this feature most of all. No more being woken by incoming text messages, emails and all of the various alerts from this app or that game that promised to wake you up several times a night –schedule this feature for events that happen regularly or flip it on for impromptu meetings (with the capability of adding exceptions for those calls from important people).


  • crosseyed_mofo

    not getting booted from app store

    not asking for password when updating apps


    my 3 fave features

  • Hosein

    + bullshit battery!

  • wuju

    Agree with your pick.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    its okay dont elaborate

  • draz

    Do not disturb feature for sure is the best thing for me! No alerts when I’m sleeping is awesome!

  • Christopher Jones

    Do Not Disturb
    Twitter and Facebook integration

  • They need to add a lot of Jailbreak features.
    My favourites are Siri, Passbook, and Do Not Disturb.

  • Kirk

    Good points.. I didn’t think of using do not disturb mode during meetings..which I have a lot of.

  • Shane

    Haven’t these always been features?

  • ikwyl6

    I think I need more than 3 major features to overcome the mess from Apple Maps to upgrade from ios 5