UPDATE: Apple WILL Live Stream Today’s “Back to the Mac” Event

Earlier we reported that today’s “Back to the Mac” live event isn’t being streamed live by Apple but gave you some live blogging alternatives. Since then we’ve learned that Apple is indeed live streaming the event, but you’ll need Mac OS X with Safari 4/5 or Safari on iOS 3 or higher.

Apple Back to the Mac

For those of you stuck at work using a Windows machine and don’t have an iOS device (or do but don’t want to chew up your data plan, or want to be a bit more incognito), 9to5 Mac is offering an alternative.

Here’s the link to their USTREAM live feed.

If you comply with Apple’s requirements, just follow this link.

Just 15 minutes to go!

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  • Wuju

    the new macbook air looks sweet.

  • Nick

    Hmm I can’t install the Facetime app for Mac. It says ‘Please use software update to install security update 2010-005’. Anyone else have this problem? I’m running 10.5.8

  • Nick

    (and the security update it refers to doesn’t appear in software update)

  • Nick

    ahh gay.. requires 10.6

  • Nick

    Not bad… I wish they would give the Macbook pro some major updates

  • Wuju

    On a selfish note, I’m glad no major update to Macbook Pro since I just got one 6 months ago. Want it to last longer 😉

  • Chris A.

    They look great but I’m disappointed in the processor. Lots of people have (and will) complain about that coupled with the price-point.
    What’s most exciting to me though is flash storage. Although it takes away from easy user upgrades, direct on-board flash storage is faster, smaller footprint, less battery draining; all great things. I wish flash storage would come down in price quicker but it’s happening and I think it’s just a matter of time before spinning disks will be a thing of the past and that’s phenomenal.