ABC Nightline Looks Into the Current Fall of Apple’s Stock Price


After Apple shares dropped to their lowest level in five months ($547.59, down 1.87% today), ABC News Nightline has taken Apple and iThings under its wing and asked the question everybody is wondering: did Apple lose its shine?

Apple stock price

We have seen several great new Apple mobile product launches during the past few months. There has been the iPhone 5 which strugged with supply shortages, due to Foxconn’s inability to meet high demand, the latest generation iPod Touch, and the eagerly awaited iPad mini is here as well.

With iOS 6 and iPhone 5, Apple recorded a drop in consumer satisfaction as well, but the biggest shock was that Scott Forstall is leaving Apple next year. The executive management shuffle was a totally unexpected move from Apple, which obviously affected its stock price.

[Via Fortune]


  • bradg17

    Excellent article.
    My favorite line was when he said “time to sell or time to buy? there’s probably an app for that”

  • Apple_Sauce

    People are finally waking up to the fact that Apple products are over priced and too limited for customizing the experience to fit everyone’s demands. It took the IOS6 screwup where they stopped using Google Maps to get some of the sheep thinking, but I believe it is happening.

    People are realizing that there are better alternatives for a much better price out there. Apples’s corrupt business practice of suing people over ridiculous patents that should never have been acceptable is not helping their case either.