Analyst Says Apple Will Likely Kill the iPhone With iWatch


You may be surprised, but Apple isn’t thinking big, but small. In other words, the next product Apple unveils could be an iWatch, not the iTV everybody was talking about last month – at least according to one Apple analyst speaking with BusinessInsider.


There are some questions, though: how come Apple is working on a watch that could sell for, let’s say, $100 instead of a television set, which could be sold for $1000+? Well, we don’t want to suggest Apple has dumped the area Tim Cook called an “intense area of interest”, but the tech trend seems to be moving toward wearable technology.

This could easily kill the iPhone (and, yes, the smartphone as a whole), but if you look back, you can see that as tech evolves, the refresh cycles are getting shorter: it was just a while ago when the iPhone revolutionized the phone, and the iPad is already eating into traditional PC sales.

Gene Munster says:

“We believe that longer term (over the next 10+ years), wearable computers could eventually replace the iPhone and smartphones in general.”

“We believe technology could progress to a point where consumers have a tablet plus wearable computers, like watches or glasses, that enable simple things like voice calls, texting, quick searches, navigation, etc. through voice control.”

Multiple sources pointed out that the iWatch is real, and the crowd-funded Pebble watch shows that there is a high demand for this type of device.


  • Ryan

    Probably the dumbest idea ever. This isn’t Dick Tracy.

  • Nick

    Complete BS. If not, I’ll be sporting a Samsung GS7? 8? Who knows? But I sure as hell won’t be sporting an “iWatch”

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Because everyone loves using a postage stamp sized screen. Sure. And the previous gen iPod Nano (which you could wear as a watch) worked out so well that they replaced it with a much larger model.

  • Aristiana

    Kill the iPhone? With a screen so small I’ll need magnifying glass to read? That must be a joke because I can’t see how anyone would could say that and be serious!

    Oh, just think using toothpick to type something… Exactly I dreamed about all my life!

  • Big O

    Not going to happen, can supplement but never replace. From a business standpoint it makes no sense. Look at the revenue from the app store, games etc. That cannot be duplicated on a watch. Its the equivalent to downgrading to the last gen nano.

    Wearable technology has its place however. I preordered a Pebble a long time ago…

  • KJ

    Relax guys apple isn’t getting rid of the iPhone for a watch lmao

  • I think its more in terms of wearable computer, not just the watch is what they mean the future will hold, and I think that is the case.

  • Well your all wrong and the tech pundits or rather analysts are right. The iWatch 7 will replace the iPhone 14!!! Only that iWatch will be a floating orb that follows you around and can communicate with your thoughts and display high density holographs and is in constant connection to the Foundations universal knowlage bases and Psyco-history tableauxs.

    Actually could be, as the rumored google ER glasses an extension to your communication devise weather an iPhone or perhaps a phone enabled iPad mini that you will not have to hold to your face or any other device for that matter but just take out when you want to read or write something or watch video or whatever you do with it. So Siri interface limited icons to say 4 for display and 1 for the in use icon crazy good audio in/out crazy battery life we’re good to go.