Apple 2013 Q1: Record $54.5B in Revenue, 47.8 Million iPhones Sold [Update]


Apple has posted its 2013 first quarter earnings and has announced $54.5 billion in revenue (beating their own forecast of $52 billion) along with net profit of $13.1 billion. International sales accounted for 61% of their revenue. As for products sold, the numbers are below:

  • 47.8 million iPhones (a 23% increase; 37 million in the year ago quarter)
  • 22.9 million iPads (a 49% increase; 15.4 million in the year ago quarter)
  • 4.1 million Macs during the quarter (a 21% decrease; 5.2 million in the year ago quarter)
  • 12.7 million iPods sold (an 18% decrease; 15.4 million in the year ago quarter)

All-time record iPhone sales were achieved and iPad sales jumped by almost 50%, thanks in large part by the debut of the iPad mini.

“We’re thrilled with record revenue of over $54 billion and sales of over 75 million iOS devices in a single quarter,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We’re very confident in our product pipeline as we continue to focus on innovation and making the best products in the world.”

“We’re pleased to have generated over $23 billion in cash flow from operations during the quarter,” said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO. “We established new all-time quarterly records for iPhone and iPad sales, significantly broadened our ecosystem, and generated Apple’s highest quarterly revenue ever.”

As for looking ahead to the Q2 2013 period, Apple is forecasting the following:

• revenue between $41 billion and $43 billion

• gross margin between 37.5 percent and 38.5 percent

• operating expenses between $3.8 billion and $3.9 billion

• other income/(expense) of $350 million

• tax rate of 26%

With all doom and gloom some analysts have been predicting, it appears Apple’s latest quarter was a blockbuster, even with one less week this quarter. The earnings call is coming shortly. We’ll update with more numbers below, stay tuned.

Update – Here are notable earnings call numbers:

  • 80,000 employees
  • over 500 million iOS devices sold; 10 sold every second during the quarter
  • 2 billion App Store downloads in December; 40 billion total cumulative downloads
  • 775,000 total apps; 300,000 of those are for the iPad
  • 500 million iTunes accounts
  • $7 billion paid to developers so far
  • 250 million iCloud accounts
  • iMessage: 2 billion messages sent per day
  • 121 million visitors to retail stores; 23,000 visitors per week
  • $137 billion in total cash
  • Game Center: over 200 million registered users
  • Notification Center: over 4 trillion push notifications
  • Apple TV sales eclipsed 2 million units sold; up 60% year over year

…more to come, refresh for updates


  • Roger Payne

    It’s awesome how different sites and articles can have completely different perspectives on the earnings results. The general consensus from “the street” is that AAPL failed to meet expectations despite strong fundamentals.

    Whatever it takes to keep a fanatic a fan; I guess.

  • Some street analysts are crazy. The facts are Apple’s has reported record revenue with a record number of iOS devices sold. How can the company be failing? #SMH

  • KJ

    Winning…it’s cause people
    Just want apple to fail and yet again they did not

  • FragilityG4

    Their stock is up nearly ten bucks today … I guess not all on “the street” agree with you.

  • George

    Apple yes record results , though its the future that worry many out there . If memory serves right RIM had record results in 2008,2009 and then what happened . The worry is that the Post Steve era is now here and no innovative products are coming .Apple will be at $ 300 by end year end and low $200 by 2014 .

    Good bye apple it was a great run 🙁

  • Anon

    It’s not that people want them to fail It’s just not the same without Steve Jobs at the helm. Stupid f’ck ups like Apple Maps, and lack of features and innovation aren’t giving people much hope.

  • Rio

    Are you kidding me?

    He hasnt even been gone a year. Everything that has been released this year including Apple maps and the iPhone 5 you can be assured that Steve Jobs had a HUGE impact on, he wanted things to go this way.

    Give it time, Apple isnt some magical company that throws out magical gifts every few months. These things take time and work. Look at the amout of time they took to develop the iPhone. 10 YEARS!!

  • nosnoop

    Apple’s stock dropped over $50 in afterhours trading to $460.
    Blockbuster quarter? Nobody in Wall Street seemed to share that view.

    The main concern was that iPhone and Mac sales fell well short of the projected estimates.

  • Hank

    Record revenues but net income was prett much flat compared to last year’s q4. The market is worried that this is due to people preferring iPads minis over iPads and iPhone 4S over 5 which have lower profit margins. So even though they sold way more devices they made the same amount of money as last year.

  • Wall Street is confused. The numbers don’t lie as revenue this quarter set a record no other company can match.