Apple Adds ‘Download Later’ Option for iTunes Store Purchases


Apple customers purchasing movies, TV episodes, Season Pass and Music box set using iTunes 11, iOS 6 or later can opt to download later as of Friday, which is handy in the case of large video files, Macworld reports.


When purchasing any of the above items using iTunes 11 on a Mac or Windows PC, or an iOS device running iOS 6 or later, you’re now presented with Later and Download (or Download All) buttons. Tap Later and the purchased items will be added to your iTunes account and accessible to stream or download in the future via Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud feature. It’s a handy feature if you, say, want to buy a movie on sale while you have a spotty data connection; you can make sure to get the cheaper price, then download the item when you get home—or even just play it from the cloud.

Here is what happens: when purchasing any of the aforementioned content available in the iTunes Store, users will be offered the “download later” option. Clicking or tapping on the Later button will not download any songs or video, but you will be able to download the purchase at any time from iTunes in the Cloud.


  • Good stuff!

    Now I just want them to add the option to not download those files on my computer. I’ve bought TV shows that I stream to my Apple TV and I don’t want them taking up precious bytes on my laptop hard drive. 🙁

  • Really this is a great features for all the apple users.