Apple Claims Samsung’s Workaround Infringes Pinch-to-zoom API Patent


Apple and Samsung are making sure the courts won’t have a vacation on December 6 when the injunction hearing is scheduled. After the dispute over the HTC and Apple settlement was partly solved, Apple’s latest claim is that Samsung’s workaround is still infringing the ‘915 Apple patent for “application programming interfaces for scrolling operations”, or “pinch to zoom API patent”.

Pinch to zoom
After facing patent infringement allegations from Apple, Samsung’s programmers have made a workaround possible for the South Korean manufacturer, which apparently protected it from patent violations.

Karan Singh, a professor from Toronto, went to Samsung asking for the workaround code, and as Florian Müller of Foss Patents reports, the South Korean company failed to provide a full code tree or folder, but he saw enough to conclude that “the modified code he reviewed demonstrates continuing infringement of the ‘915 patent.”

In other words, the professor’s review provided enough evidence for Apple to continue a previously started patent dispute and spill yet more gasoline on the fire. Now, it is up to Judge Lucy Koh to decide whether Apple is right, or if Samsung did a good job writing the workaround code. This is a difficult job, by the way, as the two-finger zoom-in and zoom-out is the core of the Apple ‘915 patent.


  • Cormang

    Patents on code make total sense… not… Apple has to stop with these patent suits around code and get on with it. It’s hindering innovation and in the end hurting us consumers. Code should not have patents. It’s ridiculous.

  • Kate

    Work around or not, the gesture is still pinch to zoom which apple has the patent for. As for patents on code; I believe that qualifies for intellectual property.

  • jason

    A part of me feels like apple should stop with these damn lawsuits but on the otherside they need to do this. People are already jumping over to andriod because its similar to an iphone and you have more freedom