Apple Drops To #6 In Greenpeace Guide To Greener Electronics Due To “Lack Of Transparency”


According to the 18th annual edition of the Greenpeace Guide to Green Electronics, which has recently been published, Apple has dropped down to No. 6. on the list. The slip is believed to be due to “lack of transparency on GHG emission reporting”, notes 9to5Mac. Indian electronics company WIPRO tops the list followed by HP, Nokia, Acer and Dell. 

06 APPLE table

Apple received a score of 4.6 in Greenpeace Guide which drops it to 6th position. The report says that Apple misses out on points for lack of transparency on GHG emission reporting, clean energy advocacy, further information on its management of toxic chemicals, and details on post-consumer recycled plastic use. Overall, Apple continues to score well on the Products criteria, though it has received public scrutiny for its decision to glue in batteries in its newest Macbook Pro, which creates barriers to easy recycling.

Apple receives half marks in Sustainable Operations. Apple does not score high on the e-waste criteria, losing points for lacking a robust take-back programme in India. However it continues to score points for its global take-back programme, reporting that 2010 global recycling exceeded its 70% goal (as a percentage of sales 7 years ago), a level that it is confident it will maintain through 2015. Together with HP, Apple is a top scorer for policies and practices regarding conflict minerals, but fails in developing a paper procurement policy banning suppliers involved in deforestation and illegal logging.

While 13% of Apple’s facility-related electricity consumption comes from renewable sources, the company could increase its score by setting an ambitious goal for boosting its renewable energy use by 2020.

Full entry on Apple from the Greenpeace is available here.


  • jfmartel

    How can a company that send their laptop/imac box in a standard brown box can be considered as “green”. That’s an EASY way to remove extra packaging. Anyone use Apple box to decorate?

  • Olley

    Sure the mass majority of consumers don’t care about this at all.

  • FragilityG4

    Greenpeace is a corporation not a charity.

  • einsteinbqat

    Greenpeace… what a joke!

  • Anthony ?

    Oh noes, some big headline whore environmental group doesn’t like something about some big corporation and uses the name of the big corporation to grab headlines. What else is new.

    Also, who gives a crap what these guys think? The biggest problem IMO is everyone giving these guys airtime to rant about all the injustice in the world. If they want to do something useful why don’t they go feed some starving kids in Africa or help wipe out some curable diseases in the poorer parts of the world? Pretty sure the world has bigger issues than the amount of glue used in a MacBook Pro.