Apple Hiring A Large Number Of Developers To Fix iOS 6 Maps


Apple has posted at least 10 job listings for iOS Software Engineers in an effort to quickly fix the widely criticized iOS 6 Maps application (via AppleBitch). Apple made a big mess when it decided to replace Google’s maps with its own Maps app in iOS 6 and now, the company is advertising to hire a number of Software Engineers, all dedicated to improving various aspects of the Maps app.

IOS 6 Maps

While CEO Tim Cook has already promised that the app will improve over time, the company is actively requesting the reporting of bugs and issues with its new Maps application. Key staff involved in the initial development of the Apple Maps application is also no longer with Apple, including Scott Forstall, the SVP with responsibility for iOS 6, and Richard Williamson who oversaw the mapping service.

The positions include the opportunity to work on user interface development, integration with other iOS services such as Siri and MapKit (the framework that allows other app to use Apple Maps), Turn-by-Turn navigation enhancements, real time maps display, road and points of interest labelling, 3D flyover and road rendering, as well as those will expertise with spatial algorithms. All are based in Cupertino and will be part of the team that is dedicated to improving the Apple Maps application. 

Apple SVP Eddy Cue is now taking responsibility for online services, including Mapping, and as such is likely making a major push to improve the application.


  • jfmartel

    Why Apple can’t just decide to throw Apple Maps away? Take Google Maps, it’s there now and works!

  • Swerve99

    Why would they rely on Google to provide mapping to their platform? That makes no sense.

  • Setak

    It made sense from iOS 1 through 5, so why wouldn’t it make sense now ?

  • KJ

    Google was giving apple a washed down version of their maps…why would apple continue to take it dry….lest we forget…it took google maps a decade to get where it is

  • jfmartel

    So let’s wait another decade for Apple Map to get on par with Google Maps?

  • jabohn

    Ironic typo in first paragraph…

    …the company is advertising to hire a bug number of Software Engineers…

  • Salvador

    Apple was paying a fortune to Google to allow Google collect all the data from users navigation.

  • johnnystar

    Wow, if Apple wrote the job description highlighted above, they also need to hire proofreaders!

  • KJ

    The point is apple maps were better out of the gates then google every was…don’t like it don’t use it…that’s why there an app

  • Anon

    The problem is this: It’s the friggen DEFAULT maps app! Why can’t Apple give the user the OPTION to choose? Same thing goes for the default web browser, and mail apps.

  • Acer12345

    Why would Apple want you to use anything other than Apple? It’s all about control for Apple.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    had a full day today and pretty tired however, i still can’t see so many problems with ios6 maps. to honor the truth, i haven’t used maps for work over the last few months then only tested and used for personal activity, i can hardly wait to get back into second job a do a extensive tests . marc