Apple Hit With Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over iCloud


Innovation Automation, a San Jose based company, claims that Apple’s iCloud product and service infringes on two of its patents.


According to the patent infringement lawsuit documents, Innovation Automation’s patents subject to this filing, date back to 2007 and 2008, respectively. It has to be noted here, that the San Jose company has filed two other patent infringement lawsuits as well against Amazon and Spotify, citing the same patents asserted against Apple.

The plaintiff claims that Apple’s iCloud service — just like Amanzon’s Kindle and Spotify’s music streaming service — violate its US Patent No. 7,147,362 and 7,392,283, both titled “Method and system for supplying products from prestored digital data in response to demands transmitted via computer network”. The filing reveals that the ‘362 patent was registered in February 2007, and the second patent, ‘283, was registered in June 2008.

As Innovative Automation says, iCloud service violates both patents because its method for duplicating digital data uses the same method as described in the plaintiff’s aforementioned patents.

The plaintiff seeks unspecified damages in its lawsuit against Apple — and Amazon, Spotify as well — but says it is entitled to a reasonable royalty together with prejudgment and post-judgment interest and costs.

[Via Patently Apple]


  • Kd

    Pretty soon with all these patent wars we will all be back using old rotary phone…

  • It seems to me that companies are now playing the “monkey see monkey do” game. Now that they saw Apple go against Samsung because of patents they think that they should too..

  • lol. I miss those days. Taking about 30 seconds to dial a number.

  • FragilityG4

    Either that or they think they’ll get a quick settlement to make them go away.

  • Tom