Apple Said to Order 9 Million Flexible iWatch Displays from LG


LG and the iWatch are often mentioned together when it comes to rumours about Apple’s wearable computing device. A new report from Korea (via GForGames) suggests that only LG will provide Apple with the flexible displays for the iWatch. This, however, is a rather interesting and unlikely move from Apple.


According to sources familiar with the matter, the iWatch will come in two sizes, 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches, and Apple plans to sell 9 million iWatch units, which is significantly lower than the 65 million suggested by Digitimes sources.

As earlier rumours have suggested, Apple will use batteries provided by LG Chem, Samsung SDI, and Tianjin Lishen Battery with the iWatch. Rumours of the Apple smartwatch have been persistent lately and indicate a third quarter launch, at least according to multiple sources.

The iWatch is also rumoured to feature multiple sensors and the ability to track multiple types of health-related data in connection with the also-rumoured Healthbook app, which is said to launch with iOS 8. One notable fact, though: A UV light exposure sensor was unveiled by the Texas-based Silicon labs, a sensor that is ideal for activity-tracking wrist and arm bands, smartwatches, and smartphones.


  • ZAGG Canada

    If it looks anything like that, I won’t be getting one. haha

  • Chrome262

    It would probably be smart to make it look like that, it goes with the rest of the activity band market. Those are doing quite well, better than smart watches. If you can have a device that does both, you will do well. Of course it won’t appease the crowd who have to have something the size of a wall clock on their wrist. lol

  • WatDah

    I think it would be smart not to make one, at all. And throw us all off with something completely different from expectations.

    If all of this iWatch stuff becomes real, I would be quite disappointed…. It’s when you know Apple is not Apple anymore.

  • Tim

    It’s always interesting how Apple sources components from their main competitors (ie. Samsung or in this case LG). You have to wonder how this works as far as it goes with these other companies being abreast of Apple’s decisions. It’s sorta like “hey LG we need 9 million flexible displays, we swear they’re not for the iwatch, don’t anticipate anything, and if you copy it, we’ll sue you!”

  • watchDesign

    i wish they’d make a watch that looks like the elegant traditional wrist watches but also is a smartwatch. If Apple came out with a design like that, the demand for them will be enormous. Most smartwatches that are out on the market look like toys. No self respecting adult would want to wear one.