Apple Looking To Bring New Features To iMessage And FaceTime


IPhone 5 FaceTime

A new Apple job listing posted today for Communications Application Engineer seems to indicate that the company is looking to make significant improvements to the FaceTime and iMessage applications in the next iOS update, as pointed out by AppleBitch.

According to the listing, Apple is looking for someone who will ‘take the revolutionary iPhone to the next level’ and will be responsible for implementing new features to its existing FaceTime and iMessage applications. It is being speculated that Apple may be looking to implement more features to FaceTime in order to compete with services like Skype, with features like group video calling.

Similarly, the company may be looking to improve on the number of users utilizing iMessage for sending messages, as compared to other messaging apps like Whatsapp, which has a much bigger user base due to its cross-platform compatibility.


  • Nick

    If FaceTime and iMessage were android compatible that would really be the next great step in the evolution of phones, especially of video calling.. Then many more phones could video call each other.. Though it may make more people switch to android..

  • Nick (non-Gay)

    Thats the gayest shit I’ve ever heard!

  • FragilityG4

    With that theory who’s network would the calls/messages travel on?

  • John

    Kind of unnerving that Apple doesn’t have the in-house resources and talent already to take their products to the ‘next level’. And it’s also distressing that the ‘next level’ is still a pie in the sky rather than something in the late stages of development for upcoming iOS releases.
    Are they really at the point where they need to bring people in and say “hey, it’s your responsibility to innovate for us”…

  • Scott (Gay)

    And that’s the most overused ignorant saying I’ve ever heard!

  • About time…

  • Metro

    Like MANY, many, many features, the next great leap and even small progress steps will not happen until they implement more industry standards that can’t be capitalized or monopolized by one company. Much like FireWire or thunderbolt, these technologies rarely catch on for the long haul. I’m a huge apple fan and user, but I see it as a huge flaw. Like doing away with optical drives, it’s too soon for many and an unrealistic option for those of us who want to interface with the whole world and various institutions Not solely apple products and cloud services.

  • Shit (Gayest)

    What’s with the fags?