Apple Patents Awesome Wireless Charging System


Wireless charging is among the most sought-after features at the top of consumers’ wish-lists for iOS devices, but in an interview with Ina Fried of AllThingsD, Phil Schiller suggested the technology isn’t ready to go mainstream – yet. As the latest Apple patent published today by the US Patent Office shows, the company is indeed working on a wireless charging system that could charge an entire virtual charging area’s worth of devices at a time, without the need of a charging pad of any kind, Patently Apple reports.

In other words: a great new system, worthy of Apple’s name. The patent description details Apple’s (upcoming?) wireless charging system, a system that uses wireless near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR) power transmission.

Apple wireless charging system

As you can see from the above image, Apple has hit a gold mine with this new method of making wireless charging possible. The only thing you need to own is a future iMac model, which will act as a central station that incorporates an NFMR power supply. Secondly, you will need to place the devices no further than three feet from the iMac to make the wireless charging possible.


  • 3 feet?? Who cares. At that distance I may as well just plug it in. When it can charge my devices anywhere in my apartment or house, then I’d get excited.

  • Jerry

    Umm pretty sure nexus 4 already comes with wireless charging ….. Soooooo ya good job apple

  • YungKezz

    Mmm why would i buy a imac just to charge my I devices wirelessly its stupid man also some ppl may not want a imac either also not everyone can afford a imac

  • londonfish

    and should I still sit within 3 feet ? all these radiation and magnetic field are not healthy…

  • I dunno, the makers of the QRAY bracelet would not agree with you…

  • Dave Mac

    This article fails to mention the fact that this is another case of Apple trying to register tech that another company already owns the rights for. WiPower registered a patent for this in 2008, WiPower (and all their intellectual property, including patents) was bought by Qualcomm not long ago but its sad to see Apple muscling their way into owning the rights to this with their high paid legal dept. It would be nice to see them spending more money on developing the technology themselves and then register a trademark for it instead of trying to steal someone else’s work.