Apple Patents Waze-like Route Rating Navigation System


Apple is working to improve its controversial Maps application by adding useful features such as generating travel routes based on user preference and Waze-like, crowd-sourced real-time traffic data.


The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for “User-specified route rating and alert” (via AppleInsider) that aims to generate custom routing information based on what users report, much like the now Google-owned Waze does.

However, Apple goes beyond Waze with a unique feature allowing users to assign a number rating to a route they just used. This rating is centralized and pushed out to other users. The system also generates separate routes for other users based on user input.

Like any other navigation app, Apple’s new Maps feature will allow users to select an A and B point, and the system will display an ideal route based on user preferences. The interesting part comes when the user starts driving: the patented system can initiate alerts at given points along the selected route, based on the user’s preferences. For instance, a poorly rated location or accident will be displayed only if the user is within a specified distance of the incident.

Since the system is based on user input (rating), at the end of the route it will present a rating interface, and the user will need to add a rating, helping the system generate routes or parts of routes for other Apple Maps users.

The patent application was first filed in December 2011 and names Jorge S. Fino as its inventor.


  • I just hope they include an option to silence Siri for navigation instructions unless there’s a change to your route. I’d love to use Apple’s navigation for this feature (alerting you of accidents or otherwise heavy traffic) on routes I take regularly, but I find it way too annoying to have Siri constantly interrupting my music or podcast to give me directions I already know.

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    for some reason there’s a twelve hours delay for US to read posts on this website. (i.e: if You post at 7AM in the morning we get the articles around 4 AM the following day. time zone already considered) any CDN in the middle ? marc

  • The RSS emails are sent the next day to include a digest. When we changed this, some people complained. We’ll try to find a happy medium.

  • sanc

    gary dont you feel the maps “debacle” is a little bit over hyped?
    i know that maps were poor when they came out last year.. but if we see one year down the line and all the improvements that have happened it is amazing.

  • Let’s do hope they get better. I know some areas had better coverage than others. I was affected in my area and I have been using Google Maps ever since.