Apple Releases “1.24.14” Film, Shot Entirely on iPhone 5s [u]


IPhone 5s

Thirty years of Mac means there are at least thirty reasons for Apple to celebrate. After dedicating a video and a Web page to the Mac, Apple has published another video, titled, “1.24.14” Film, which has a very interesting background: the entire footage was shot on an iPhone 5s in one day.

As Apple explains on its thirty Years of Mac page, the company promised that the power of technology, put in the hands of everyone, could change the world. So the company sent fifteen camera crews all over the world on January 24, 2014, to “show how that promise has become a reality.”

The video features fifteen locations on five continents, all shot in a single day, January 24, 2014. The action involved a hundred iPhones and resulted in seventy hours of footage, so Apple employed a team of twenty-one editors to put the story together.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy.

Update: Apple has uploaded a behind the scenes video of this commercial:


  • Tim

    If you place the phone in some kind of convoluted steadycam device that can’t help but beg the question as to why one wouldn’t then just invest in a real camera if they’re buying a steadycam for an iphone, then sure, you can make iphone footage look ok. In normal usage cases, iphone footage will never look like it does in this video.

  • Al

    Miss the point much?

  • Chrome262

    Actually they sell a small tripod on this site thats cheap that does a great job. Way cheaper then say, and actual video camera.

  • shaqrad

    Finally Al says something I agree with! haha