Apple Safari Continues To Dominate The Mobile Browser Market


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Latest market share data from Net Applications shows that Apple’s Safari browser is still winning the mobile browser war, capturing 61.79% of all mobile browser web traffic in March (via AllThingsD). Safari browser’s share has actually increased from 55.41% in February, reaffirming Apple’s dominance in the mobile browser market.

Despite a plethora of devices on which it runs, Google’s Android browser only managed to capture a 21.86% share, followed by Opera Mini which claimed 8.4% mobile browser market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer took only 1.99% share while BlackBerry got less than 1%. As pointed out by the source, iOS generates so much more traffic than Android despite Google’s OS having a greater share of the smartphone market because a large number of Android phones out there actually don’t see much use as smartphones.

As Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster speculates, Web browsing on iPad could be spiking mobile Safari’s market share.

“We believe that iOS’s contribution from tablets, which are likely to generate more traffic than a smartphone, is greater than Android’s,” Munster theorizes. “We believe that iOS is likely to continue to lead in mobile traffic generation in the U.S. for at least the remainder of the year.”

In simple words, iOS users are generally more engaged with their mobile devices than Android users.


  • iFone

    21.8% for the Android Browser? That show’s how many people do not even install other better browser apps on their androids, like the trolls suggest. Also shows that the amount of trolls around only account for less than 10% of Android owners (even less if you also assume iOS users use Chrome and Opera Mini as their browsers).

    It is in the numbers folks – people do prefer to use iOS more than Android, despite the “clear” evidence than Android is “winning”

  • fiandz

    my friend exceeds 6 gigs a month data just downloading from itunes and playing music off the apple cloud. on his iphone, fortunately android users dont have to worry about these problems. thanks to micro SD and torrents. all these numbers prove is that apple devices are useless without the internet, where as android devices can function much better without it, i can load up and SD card and view all my favourite media across all devices for days, no internet needed. gotta love that.