Apple Seeking U.S. Samsung Sales Ban With $707 Million More In Damages


Having recently introduced the world’s most powerful smartphone with a blockbuster international launch, the Cupertino giant continues to go after its Korean competitor and is once again seeking to ban its sales across the U.S. According to a new Reuters report, Apple has once again asked for a court order for a permanent U.S. sales ban on Samsung’s products alleged to have violated its patents along with additional damages of $707 million. In response, Samsung is asking for a new trial, claims the report.

On on top of the billion-dollar verdict won by Apple last month, Apple is now seeking that the injunction should cover every other Samsung product with similar features to any of its infringing products.

In a motion filed late Friday U.S. time, Apple sought a further $400 million damage award for design infringement by Samsung; $135 million for willful infringement of its utility patents; $121 million in supplemental damages based on Samsung’s product sales not covered in the jury’s deliberation; and $50 million of prejudgment interest on damages through December 31. The requests together come to $707 million.

The source believes that such a wide-ranging sales ban could result in the extension of the injunction to cover Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. Ouch!


  • gtasscarlo

    Apple is trying to kill Samsung. I guess thats how you deal a huge threat in the market.

  • ppphhh

    are they really that scared of not making enough that they want to make that money by suing?

  • AppleFannyBoy

    They should definitely keep suing Samsung!!! I held an iPhone 5 today and it was so light I thought I was holding the galaxy S III. So obviously they shouldn’t be allowed to sell the S III since everyone will be confused which phone is which!

  • Bad_Apple

    If you can’t beat them with innovation then sue them. I am sure that is Apples motto.
    I for one am getting sick of Apples petty legal crap.

  • Jon

    The point is if Samsung is allowed to make blatant copies of Apple products then so is everyone else. So yes, they stand to lose a whole lot by doing nothing.

  • Dia

    Competition is good for the consumer. If Apple wins, expect to pay more for less.

  • dst

    well, this is getting just ridiculous

  • Damen

    LOL, i love it, and Apple hasn’t stolen any ideas/patents from anyone… what was your “point” again? do some research before you put a halo on Apple’s head..

  • ios vs android the truth

    hey i sheep apple will be hit by a lawsuit for infringing on Samsung patents! Apple is committing suiside like foxxconn employees

  • iosvsandroid

    hey isheep apple will be hit by a lawsuit for infringing on Samsung patents! Apple is committing suiside like foxconn employees (look it up)