Apple Store Genius Employee Rescues Kidnapped Woman


The Apple Store Genius Bar employees can be some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I’ve made rounds to the Genius Bar quite a few times for MacBook and iPhone battery issues and every time, they politely replaced what I needed without more than a few questions. So when I read that a Genius employee helped save a kidnapped woman, I wasn’t at all surprised.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a woman walked into a local Apple Store inside Oxmoor mall. She was with a guy named “Greg” who she had met online. It turns out, Greg met the woman at her house earlier and held her at gunpoint. She was being forced to make stops at multiple cell-phone stores to purchase handsets for Greg. During her last stop, at Apple, the woman found an opportunity to alert an employee of her kidnapping. The Genius employee alerted security and the police was then called.

When the police arrived, it was revealed that “Greg” was really known as Victor A. Sarver Jr., who was later arrested and charge with kidnapping and robbery. A court date is being set to determine his jail sentence.

So before you make fun of those unrealistic Genius advertisements again, think about this story.

[Source: WDRB, via Cult Of Mac]


  • o_clement

    The link between Apple, Apple Store or Apple Employees is pretty weak here… The woman could have asked for help anywhere else given she’d had a chance, and someone else would have most probably done the same.

    Just don’t start to desperately searchfor Apple Employees for help if you’re held at gunpoint

  • I know the link is weak. But its related to an Apple Store employee, no question about it. Plus, the story contains some sarcasm in the first and ending paragraphs. When I basically said ‘Apple employees can do it all’.

  • Frankie

    These days, you can not count on anyone calling for rescue. While ago on the news: man got beaten to death on a street full of people, despite his constant plea for help, no one did or called 911. Woman got beaten to death in front of her house. Despite her constant screams, none of many neighbors, called police. This Apple employee did what many people above didn’t and deserves credit.

  • Nice point!

  • I got robed in my own house because I tried to sell my MacBook air so I can have enough money for new pro retina. Long story sorts, after I reported the Robery officer asked me why I did not meet at public place and this is exactly what a have said to him. So now I always record al deals that I make by putting my iPhone as a cam on the other side of the room whenever I am selling something on kijiji

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Apple will soon release their now product, iSecurity 😛