Apple Updates Developer Guidelines Prohibiting Third Party App Promotion


Apple has once again updated its App Developer Guidelines, prohibiting promotion of third party apps and affiliate services, as pointed out by PocketGamer. The update adds a new clause to the guidelines that reads “Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected”, which according to the source, could have a big impact third-party app promotion services that offer developers a paid top slot on app recommendations.

Apple is likely moving to limit external influencers on its app ecosystem, notes the source, though such services drive considerable volumes of downloads and are relied upon by many developers as a key part of their free paid-app promotion or more often, ad-funded free apps.

Tipped off last week by a number of sources, an investigation by has cast light on what appears to be a new clause in the guidelines that restricts apps that provide links to apps that are not your own.

he wording is typically vague, but clause 2.25 appears to give Apple carte blanche to put any app that promotes titles from a different developer out of action.

At the moment, we understand Apple’s likely prime targets are pure app promotion services, such as (but not necessarily including) FreeAppADay, AppoDay, AppGratis, Daily App Dream and AppShopper, amongst others.

However, Apple’s action against apps violating clause 2.25 hasn’t yet been to remove the releases in question, but rather to prevent them from further increasing their influence over apps in the App Store.

What’s your take on this one guys?


  • Keep it up Apple and someone will come along and make a better product, if they throw in freedom it will be a no brainer switch but for now you have us all by the balls.

  • I hope this doesn’t mean that AppShopper will be going bye-bye. I like being able to have a wishlist for apps and be notified as soon as apps go on sale or are updated.

  • Mark

    Seriously PocketGamer – read the words and quit looking for drama or scandal where there is none. The key phrase here is “…in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store”. That means an ad that is trying to deceive as coming from the app store. A quick example might be apps that only work on jailbroken phones that may imply that they are available through the app store (or a type of app store).

  • FragilityG4

    I think you’re right on about that one … Methinks Apple will be releasing a statement to that tune within the week …