Apple vs Samsung Trial Jury Releases Their Final Verdict [Update]


According to the Wall Street Journal, an Apple-Samsung verdict has been reached by the 9-person jury in California court. The jury started their deliberations on Wednesday and had to answer over 600 questions on the verdict form.

Update: The jury deliberated for 21 hours and 37 minutes according to the WSJ. The verdict by the jury as follows via the live blog at CNET.

  • Jury finds Samsung infringement of Apple utility, design patents for some (though not all) products
  • Jury finds willful infringement on 5 of 6 patents.
  • Jury upholds Apple utility, design patents
  • Jury upholds Apple trade dress ‘983
  • Jury finds Samsung “diluted” Apple’s registered iPhone, iPhone 3 and “Combination iPhone” trade dress on some products, not on others
  • No Apple infringement of Samsung utility patents
  • Damages owed by Samsung:
  • $1,049,343,540 billion in TOTAL damages assessed to Samsung
  • No damages against Apple from Samsung’s countersuit

Stay tuned as details are posted live…refresh this page for updates.


  • Vin

    apple seeking Damages: 1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars from Samsung. WOW!!!!

  • sam

    its $2.3 billion now.

  • Guest

    WSJ says 1.05 billion.

  • gtasscarlo

    Talk about a huge hit on Samsung. Now Samsung is gonna jack up supplier prices for apple products.

  • Not_impressed

    What did you expect would happen with a U.S. Court and U.S. Juror’s with a U.S. firm vs. a Korean Firm. A Kangaroo Court of epic proportions.