Apple Will Bring Mac Manufacturing to the US Next Year [VIDEO]


Tim Cook sat down to talk with Brian Williams in an exclusive interview on NBC’s “Rock Center” to talk about how Apple can become a “Made-in-America” company. Turns out Tim Cook and his team has plans to manufacture the Mac line exclusively in the US next year.

Tim Cook
The words of Apple’s CEO seem to reinforce previous rumors circulating in the blogosphere that some of the recently launched iMacs are assembled in USA.

“We’ve been working for years on doing more and more in the United States,” Cook told Williams.

Tim Cook believes that bringing more jobs into the US is important, and it has taken several steps to confirm it. Apple has created more than 600,000 jobs in the US, and plans to build another data center in Texas to complement the already existing centers in North Carolina, Nevada and Oregon.

Cook said, however, that Apple would be the first to bring manufacturing back to the US. “The consumer electronics world was really never here. It’s a matter of starting it here”, he said.

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(NBC flash video)

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  • erik thiessen

    can you make my imac 27″ before christmas and send it to me please?

  • K3

    Probably partially why the next iPhone is on an early production run- carrying an “assembled in America” will spark the next gotta have it trend.Everyone in Hollywood will start carrying one of these iPhones…

  • Make USA your shiny new iPhone is going to cost you $1000 buck how meany do you think they will sell at this price.

  • xxxJDxxx

    This would be a great way to position themselves as being the “american” choice with most of the competing hardware manufacturers being Asian.

  • Chrome262

    with tax its already 800 here, mostly because of tax and tariffs, so saying it will be a 1000 isn’t saying much even if its complete BS. If it was made in the US then it would get NAFTA exception and they could drop the price to US price points. Besides if they made it here and in the US, and pushed that it was NorthAmerican I think that will help sales. Part of the reason BB still does OK in Canada is because its Canadian made.

  • Chrome262

    They already do, most people in Hollywood sport an iPhone, or at least on lots of TV shows. But even in the tabloids when you see a star they have an iPhone.