Apple’s Apology Letter Changes the Tune of the Chinese Media


In an unexpected turn of events, the Chinese media changed its tune after Apple issued a public letter of apology signed by Tim Cook.

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After facing heavy attacks through the state-owned Chinese media over customer service practices during the past two weeks, and even facing the threat of penalties from two Chinese government bureaus, Apple published a letter of apology yesterday for “poor communication over its warranty” and rectified the terms for its iPhone 4 and 4S models sold in the country, Reuters reports.

As Tim Cook pointed out last year, China is Apple’s second-biggest and fastest growing market.

The new rules came into effect on Monday. Under the news terms, Chinese customers will get their devices replaced as a whole, instead of having the device repaired, as broadcasted by CCTV (China Central Television), which caused an uproar among Chinese consumers and government bureaus.

“That Timothy Cook had to step up and respond from the CEO’s chair shows the importance of China and how critical it is as a market not just for Apple but for every multinational company here,” said Kent Kedl, Shanghai-based head of Greater China and North Asia for risk consultancy firm Control Risks.

Apple’s letter of apology has “eased the situation” by softening the tense relationship between the company and the Chinese market, changing the tune of the Chinese media. Even the Foreign Ministry has praised Apple for conscientiously responding to consumer demand.


  • Seriously, so not only is China’s human rights just over looked, Now industry is giving them favoured status compared to the rest of the world. So its ok if local companies who make countless copies of iPhone can just screw their customers there but Apple has to replace whole units? Hey not saying that it wouldn’t be nice to get whole units here but I wouldn’t expect it from any company, even though I have had whole units replaced by Apple, when items where to hard to repair, but that is how it normally works.

  • It does not matter if you unit will be replaced or repaired. The phone that they are giving you is not new. It is an iPhone that use to be broken but they repaired it. Only upside is that you do not have to wait for your iPhone to be serviced.

  • hank

    my take on this (no harm meant).

    rules need to be tailored based on demographics.

    i wouldn’t implement the same rules to people who are truthful in all their dealings, with those who are known to cut corners, over produce, file false claims, violate basic human rights, abuse other government laws/systems, abuse company policies … i can go on and on and on. the worst part of the picture is, that too much feeling of entitlement after the fact. urgh!

  • Yeah, the Chinese market is very cultural and from Cook’s letter they seem to address that. Like we said, it’s all about ‘saving face’ and Tim Cook gave the Chinese exactly what they wanted. At the end of the day, money talks. The emerging middle class in China has extra money to spend, and for the materialistic mentality of some in China, being seen with an Apple product screams “look at me, I’m rich”