Apple’s Black Friday Promotions Are Gift Cards-Only


Apple black friday 2013 promotion

The anticipated one-day Apple shopping event is live now in Australia, and as Mark Gurman hinted yesterday it doesn’t include discounts, but instead gift cards. As each year, we can expect the same Black Friday promotion in Canada as well.

The biggest gift card is offered for Mac purchases, and here is what Apple is offering to customers who step into a brick-and-mortar or online Apple Store: If you buy a Mac computer during the shopping event, you’ll get a gift card worth AUS$150 (CAD$144) and it doesn’t seem to matter which model you choose: a MacBook Air, an iMac, or a MacBook Pro.

An iPad Air will get customers a gift card worth AUS$75 (CAD$73), but and iPad mini (the non-Retina model) gets a gift card worth AUS$50 (CAD$48), just like an iPad 2 or iPod Touch or iPod nano purchase.

Customers will also get an Apple Store Gift Card if they opt for an Apple TV (AUS$25, CAD$24) or an AirPort Time Capsule – 2 TB (AUS$50, CAD$48). Third-party accessories such as the Parrot AR, Drone 2.0 or olloclip Telephoto and circular polarizing lens for iPhone 5 will get customers a gift card worth AUS$50 (CAD$48).

These amounts will likely be rounded when the Black Friday promotion goes live in Canada.

(via 9to5Mac)


  • Acer12345

    You’re doing it wrong Apple.

  • Ttanzin

    Really Apple?

  • Sarge

    I actually prefer this and let me explain why

    I’m planning on picking up AppleCare, so I can get $150 off that rather than just $100 off the macbook itself

  • websnap

    Actually… that’s brilliant!

  • Harold Mitchell

    This ploy costs Apple next to nothing and saves consumers next to nothing…a win win for Apple.

  • codeblue009

    does anyone know if we can still get the gift-card with student pricing … then we are actually talking about 50$(up to200$) + 150(card)$ …not a bad combination…I know from the past when they gave discounts on the price you could only have one or the other???

  • sarge

    no Student + Gift card will be allowed