Apple’s “Genius” TV Advertisements Have Stopped Airing During The Olympics


Back in July, Apple launched three new TV advertisements for the Mac, each of which featured an Apple Genius helping Mac users troubleshoot through their issues. In a very short explanation, the commercials presented the intelligence of an Apple Genius and the crazy unrealistic ways they go about helping Mac users.

These advertisements were first aired during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. They continued to air during the opening weekend, but have vanished since the 29th of July. Apple enthusiasts have noticed the lack of the Genius commercials, and actually brought it to Mashable’s attention.

Many speculated that the TV ads were removed because the customers were portrayed as clueless. Others found the ads simply not humorous. But according to an Apple ad agency representative, the ads were only scheduled to be aired during the opening weekend of the Olympics.

A rep for TBWA/Media/Arts Lab, Apple’s ad agency, says the ads are not running anymore, but that was the plan all along. The ads were intended only for a “first run” during the Olympics, which meant just the first weekend of the Games, the rep says.

Those wishing to view the commercials can still check them out on Apple’s website or on YouTube. The ads are in fact quite unusual as compared to Apple’s typical iPad and Mac advertisements.

What’s your take on these ads?

[via Mashable]


  • Networx

    Apple isn’t stupid. They aired their spots when they biggest audience was watching. I wouldn’t be surprised if they air one of them again during the closing ceremonies too. The ads were brilliant, btw.

  • I liked the commercials. I based the article off what others have portrayed the commercial out of. At the end I just meant it’s unusual we see an Apple ad like this. They usually air more professional-type ads.

  • Airplane one is my favorite…not crazy about the other ones…

  • Mine too. The Airplane one I found the funniest, so that might be the reason.

  • Tom

    All three were funny! I hope they make more. I think this is true to what they deliver, people don’t know how to use computers (just look at your co-workers, and it’s not just Macs, PCs as well) and Apple has a service that can help them. What’s so insulting about that?

    My least favourite is the Retina Commercials and Mac vs PC guy. My top favourite were the iPod commercials with indie bands, and these Genius Commercials definitely renewed my interest in Apple again.

  • northeast_genius

    I love that Apple is advertising how awesome, knowledgeable and helpful their retail store staff are. Now if only they would make advertisements about reservations for the Genius Bar. That would be a huge help to customers and staff alike. My biggest quibble with these ads is that Genii don’t usually teach customers how to edit movies or create customized books in iPhoto. That’s something that the Creatives usually do. I feel that these ads will set an inappropriate expectation that customers should go to the Genius Bar to learn how to use software.