Apple’s Goal “Isn’t To Make Money” Asserts Apple’s Design Chief


Believe it or not, the most valuable company in the world, Apple, asserts they aren’t in it for the money. With over $100 billion stocked up inside the bank, Apple’s main interest has always consisted of producing products consumers love.

Jonathan Ive, the design chief at Apple completely insists the Cupertino company’s goal “at Apple is not to make money.” That may sound a bit odd, but it’s the very truth. In 1992 when Apple almost had to file for bankruptcy, the main goal was to improve their products. Steve Job’s wasn’t thinking about cash, he knew they needed to improve their products to grab the attention of consumers.

“You would have thought that, when what stands between you and bankruptcy is some money, your focus would be on making some money, but that was not [Steve Jobs’] preoccupation.”

“His observation was that the products weren’t good enough and his resolve was we need to make better products. That stood in stark contrast to the previous attempts to turn the company around.”

But that wasn’t all Ive revealed about the company. He also made it known Apple almost trashed the reputable iPhone because the touchscreen would activate and dial numbers while pressed up against a user’s ear.

“There were multiple times when we nearly shelved the phone because there were multiple problems. I hold the phone to my ear and my ear dials a number. The challenge is that you have to develop all sorts of ear shapes, chin shapes, skin colour, hairdo… it seemed insurmountable”.

But obviously it all comes down to money in my opinion. With the heavy profits produced off each device sale, their mindset has to relate to money in a way. But I would like your opinion, do you agree with Ive?

[via The Telegraph]


  • HelloWorld

    Apple is a corporation.

    Corporations are not about the people. They are all about money and shares. Anything else is just bs-talk to try and make it sound all friendly and nice.

  • Jon

    What a load of you know what.

    Take a look at what it costs them to make an iPhone and what the price they sell it for.

    Hell take a look at the price of any apple computer. You really need to be a sheeple to believe this. Nice try though.

  • iggy

    Ask Ive if he will donate his shares to an animal shelter if $$ isn’t their goal

  • Kakarot

    Agreed, why mark things up 300% if they are not in it for the money? They don’t even budge or sales, Xmas etc… Load of crap!

  • Exactly. I was going to include that into my post but would’ve went on and on.

  • I agree. For one, Apple store employees are under-paid. For what they do and the amount of sales they account for on a daily basis, I would of expected more than the near minimum wage they make.

  • Marj

    If its not for the money, should we be having free 19-pin adapter when it comes out?

  • Haha, good point.

  • Ishan

    Well now it’s about the money, but back then when they had nothing to gain or lose, Steve Jobs didn’t care about what would sell the most and instead looked at it in a different perspective. One that lead to the comeback of Apple; if he had just focused on gaining funds back then Apple might not be what it is today. Sometimes you gotta ignore your goals to achieve them.

  • I agree with everyone else’s comments. I call total B.S. on this one. Apple is a company in it for the money, just like everyone else. Do they care about making great products? Absolutely. Even more so than other companies? Maybe. But why do they care about making great products? Because that leads to MONEY! That is their strategy, and it works! But please don’t sit there and say money doesn’t matter.