Apple’s New Customer Service App Specifically Designed For iOS Devices Revealed


Patently Apple is reporting that a new Apple Store application exclusively designed for Genuis Bar and other services related to iOS devices has been revealed in a patent application published by the US Patent & Trademark Office today. The app will apparently help users to check in and see a Genius Bar representative at an Apple Store or a workshop / event in a more convenient way.

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The report suggests that the app will determine when a user is within a predetermined distance or within a service area of a store and automatically provide information about the products, services, or events offered by the store to the user on his/her iOS device. In short, Apple will be able to scan for iOS devices nearing an Apple Store to initiate Customer Service Assistance.

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Here’s how Patently Apple explains the patent filing:

Apple states that once the user is successfully checked in, the customer service application could display screen 710 of FIG. 7F noted above, informing the user that they have been placed in the queue and will be alerted once someone is ready to help them. The user will then be able to continue browsing the store until they receive a message indicating that someone is ready to help them.

In some embodiments, the host server computer may send, and the customer service application may display name of the technical specialist and a location to meet the specialist. Screen 712 could provide an option to the user to indicate their acceptance to meet the employee and/or to cancel the request if the user meantime finds what he/she is looking for.

Apple’s patent application was filed under serial number 476765 in May 2012.


  • James

    Not sure if you guys have covered this yet, but I went to the Apple store a few days ago and when I went to purchase they reccomended that I download the Apple store app. It basically lets you walk in, take a product off the wall, scan the bar code with your iphone, bill your itunes account and leave without ever talking to anyone. I asked about theft, and he said they were employing the honour system. I’m not sure if there’s a price cut off where you have to pay through an associate. It’s quite handy, as that place is always packed, and it’s kind of annoying tracking down an associate to pay for things.

  • Perry

    Yes, they covered it when the update came out.

  • Yep. It’s called EasyPay and it’s awesome.

  • This has already been released weeks ago. It was part of the apple store app update. Really neat stuff.