Check Out This Amazing iOS 7 Concept


How will Apple respond to the criticism iOS has faced recently? What will the Jony Ive–signed iOS 7 look like? The answer could come from high-school student Kyle Barnes, who has created a couple of awesome iOS 7 concept videos.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 5.40.46 PM

The most recent iOS 7 concept video imagines Apple’s mobile operating system based on what we’ve seen on Mac OS X, as it integrates the popular Launchpad feature in iOS. Being a high-school student hasn’t stopped Kyle coming up with great ideas about how Apple can improve its upcoming mobile operating system.

One of these is the Launchpad for iOS 7, but since they started working on Project B13, back on 22January, he has a couple of concept videos that are definitely worth watching and considering. He also calls for comments and idea proposals so he can make concept videos based on them.

You can also check out Kyle’s Social Hub concept for iOS 7, which practically creates a social profile of the person in your contact list. Both ideas are definitely something Apple could consider integrating into iOS 7. What do you think?



  • Ian Kwan

    I think Auxo would just make things overbearing even as a jb feature or worst yet a native one because it doesn’t look very nice actually. Contact on the other hand is doable though they would totally have to restart iOS from start since the look and feel of the iPhone is lacking. Once that is renewed then maybe Auxo can be used to a certain extent

  • I don’t quite understand why people (iPhoneInCanada in that case) keep giving importance to these fan-made concepts, in term of potential future of iOS or iWhatever.

    Surely they have nothing to do with Apple’s work, nor are they based off rumours or any credible information in relation with what Apple might be doing… They’re basically just wishlists in video…

    If the concept is nice and worth mentioning, fine, show it to the world, but don’t write the article saying that the next iteration of iWhatever might look like it… It has nothing to do with this in the first place…!

  • FragilityG4

    This is terrible and not even worth mentioning.

  • Danny

    Why not, any time a concept video comes out, a dev from the JB community makes it within a week.

  • tymanbrew

    Social hub wasnt bad, but its to close to BB10 main purpose so no and the other one looked like it was created in 2007 ;P

  • Kirk

    Both of these concept vids are horrible and a waste of time. In the social hub vid the word “conversation” is even spelt wrong. I don’t think this is worth being put as a news feed IMO. Sorry.

  • Edge

    I liked both these concepts (give the guy a break, no, not polished or perfect, but useful, and he is asking for feedback). I find it interesting that Apple, the creator of “think different” has fallen behind the pack. Ever since the original iPhone and iOS 1.x, it’s largely been ideas from the jailbreak community or people outside of Apple (from the App Store, to cut and paste, to notifications, to folders, to multi-tasking). Kudos that a teenager is being creative and kudos to iPhoneinCanada for helping spread good ideas to Apple.

  • WatDaPhuck

    And that’s exactly why. The idea(s) just gets stolen.
    They should be selling the ideas to Apple, and not the general public. It might generate a sense of false hope or disappointment if an idea is indeed great, but not implemented.

    A lot of people nowadays can’t tell the difference between “official” and “fan concept”, because the titles are misleading, and people mostly reads/sees what they want to see. Just take ALL the articles on the RUMORED iWatch for example.

  • Pretty stupid, it’s faster to exit to the home screen and open an app… lmao

  • Exactly – I’m not saying “don’t talk about them” -> Please do! But they should stop using misleading titles and write their article as “Look, it might look like that!” -> NO, it won’t look like that, period.

    It’d be easy to just say “Look at what xyz-fanboy did: A great concept that we’d all like to see but we won’t. It sure shows how great xyz-fanboy’s After Effects and 3d modelling skills are though”