Complimentary iCloud Storage Term Ends for Ex-MobileMe Members


After notifying former MobileMe members that their complimentary iCloud storage has expired, Apple has moved forward with bumping down to the free 5 GB storage for those members who didn’t wish to purchase a storage plan (via MacRumors).

For those using more than 5 GB of storage, Apple offered the choice between reducing the amount of iCloud storage and purchasing a storage plan with a larger amount of storage than they are currently using.

iCloud was introduced in 2011, and it comes with 5 GB of free storage for photos, iPhone/iPad backups and other items. Back then, Apple also announced that MobileMe subscribers who were on paid subscription plans would be offered a free iCloud upgrade equivalent to their current storage plan for a year. Apple later extended this period to September 30, 2013.

For those in need of extra storage plans, the iCloud offer looks like this: $20/year for an additional 10 GB, $40/year for 20 GB, and $100/year for 50 GB.

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  • wstoneman

    I dont understand this. This storage would be tiny for them. Why not just leave it for the people that backed your service.

  • Al

    How do you back a service without actually paying for it?

  • wstoneman

    I paid for mobileme…

  • Al

    Didn’t know they had a lifetime subscription.

    Ok – I’m being a smartass. But it’s for the purpose of pointing out that you’re being unreasonably selfish. I mean, seriously… They extended mobileme subscriptions WAAAYYYY beyond what they had to. I consider that pretty darn respectful of their customers.

  • wstoneman

    I’m being selfish? What about all of those customers that paid for the service and it was later converted to a free service cutting a lot of useful features. I don’t think it is unreasonable to allow those people the extra storage as a thank you. They have huge data center’s, i’m sure it would be tiny amount to them. I definitely would appreciate it.

    You have your views and I have mine. At least I don’t act like an ass to other people when I don’t agree.

  • Al

    I never had slfeatures removed and I don’t recall it ever being free.

    You are acting “entitled”. You expect a company to give you stuff just because you think they can and therefore should. This is a pathetic attitude.

  • Apple should make iCloud storage free, up to 20GB. Other companies can do it, they should too. MobileMe was a failure and paying customers got ripped off. Should’ve kept free extensions forever.

  • wstoneman

    Gary apparently we cant think that way… we are being selfish expecting them to give hand outs.

  • We can think whatever we want around here 🙂

    Bottom line, cloud storage is DIRT cheap, companies are literally giving it away. I bet Apple’s next announcement is to say iCloud storage levels will be bumped up at next year’s WWDC or iPhone announcement.

  • Al

    It’s not vanilla cloud storage. It’s an automated backup system. I don’t know any backup systems that are free – at least none that are reliable.

    I also don’t know how I got ripped off? I never felt ripped off.