Despite Apple’s Code Of Conduct, Chinese Suppliers Are Still Exploiting Workers


According to Student & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM), a labor watchdog group in Hong Kong, Chinese suppliers are still exploiting workers by using “military-style management”, despite Apple’s strict code of conduct. The firm claims that Apple has “failed in its responsibility to monitor its Chinese suppliers” for worker violations, reports CNET


SACOM’s report accuses three of Apple’s Chinese suppliers i.e Foxlink, Pegatron, and Wintek, of failing to provide for basic human needs and continuing to use student workers. Even though Apple has recently taken strict action against those Chinese factories that violate its supplier code of conduct, SACOM’s report suggest that some conditions have worsened due to heavier demand for Apple products. The suppliers have also increased their use of so-called student interns, according to the report

In its code of conduct, Apple claims that it requires its suppliers to uphold its workers’ basic human rights as understood by the international community, and to treat them with dignity and respect. In contrast, our investigations demonstrate that Apple supplier factories are intensifying a military-style management of workers. Apples’ products sales are high, with new models and devices every year…Therefore, to make sure workers meet the daily production targets, Apple suppliers resort to inhumane labor practices, even to the extent of denying workers’ basic human needs, such as allowing bathroom breaks, sufficient rest, and access to proper nutrition.

Factory conditions are also hazardous, according to SACOM, with excessive noise, dust, and potentially dangerous chemicals being used on the factory floors, but workers are not told of the possible risks.


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    we don’t buy a single word about all this bullshit against apple suppliers in china and in addition, Apple code of conduct can make suggestions and STRONGLY suggest best practices to suppliers in china but then, tasks and responsibilities for monitoring and fixing anomalies must be left to chinese government and government organizations. directors @ apple in US responsibilities cannot go beyond the jurisdiction of the US and definitely the working conditions of apple suppliers in china employees, cannot be worse than the conditions of many (most) restaurants, pizzeria, clubs, call centers, hotels and BB around the EU countries.

    QUOTE: Factory conditions are also hazardous, according to SACOM, with excessive noise, dust, and potentially dangerous chemicals being used on the factory floors, but workers are not told of the possible risks. –

    Comment: no worse than most kitchens in italian restaurants around in london and without mentioning hot water or fluids danger.

  • Jon

    Get a life. Chinese working conditions are the worst in the world and to argue against that is to ignore violations of human rights. Is this Apple’s fault? No, but it doesn’t mean what happens isn’t true and even if what you say is true, that doesn’t make it ok either.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

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