Foxconn Seeks to Make Apple Products in the USA


Apple is that close to ending the “Designed-by-Apple-in-California-Assembled-in-China” era, as Foxconn seeks to expand its operations in North America, facing pressure from its biggest clients requesting their products to be ”Made in USA”, Bloomberg reports.


“We are looking at doing more manufacturing in the U.S. because, in general, customers want more to be done there,” Louis Woo, a Foxconn spokesman, said in a phone interview.

As Tim Cook said in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, the company is planning to manufacture Mac-line computers in the US next year, and it is ready to invest more than $100 million to achieve this goal.

Foxconn, a key player in Apple’s supply chain, has about 1.6 million workers on a global scale, with 1.5 million of them in China.
Fact is, most of the components that make an Apple product are manufactured by outsourced manufacturers, and many of them are located in Asia, which has many benefits for Foxconn.

As Tim Cook’s words suggest, Apple has decided to bring back the manufacturing process to the US, and Foxconn’s expansion will be the key to making this a reality. It isn’t clear, though, how much of the manufacturing process will take place in the US.

What do you think? How much of the complicated manufacturing process of Apple products will get back to the US?


  • Rustybarnacle

    Even just assembled over here is something. Even if it doesn’t happen in Canada we do heavily rely on them for our economy.

  • Yeah it’s pretty big news.

    Probably won’t come to Canada since polar bear paws aren’t very good for assembling tiny parts.

  • Mark

    The reality is, it’s going to cost more if using the same number of people. It just doesn’t make sense. Either the price will increase or the profits will decrease, which in turn, may affect the stocks.

    However… more advanced, easily retooled, robotics may eliminate the need for as many people and therefore offset the increased cost of American employees. Since I know nothing of what is involved in the actual manufacturer of parts and assembly, this is just wildly speculative.

  • Just because it’s manufactured over here does not mean it’s done by us… They may bring hundreds of thousands of chinese over here to do it…

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m not sure if they would be allowed to label it as “Made in the USA” with the majority of the components still being manufactured overseas. “Assembled in the USA” is more like it, but not the same thing.