Google Challenges Airplay Screen-Sharing Tech with Chromecast [Video]


Google today unveiled Chromecast, a small and affordable HDMI dongle powered by USB that challenges Airplay, one of the most popular features of Apple TV. When plugged into a HD TV, Chromecast allows users to “cast” online content from their smartphone, laptop or tablet to the TV screen.


An interesting addition of the Google Chromecast is that it works on almost all platforms: Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Chrome for Mac and Windows and the list will continue shortly. It also allows users to multitask while enjoying what’s on the TV screen. In case the TV is CEC-enabled, it will be able to automatically turn on the TV and start playing media automatically.

Google made its price very attractive: Chromecast is available for $35 only, compared to Apple TV’s $99 price tag.

An NPD Display report cited by AppleInsider points to an interesting fact: the most popular screen mirroring technology is Apple’s Airplay, used by the majority of tablet and smartphone owners. Since screen-sharing solutions are somewhat new, the vast majority of owners – despite being aware of the device’s screen mirroring capabilities – don’t use this capability.

A second reason for not using the screen-sharing technology is the limitations imposed by the manufacturer. Apple’s Airplay works with Apple TV only, while the second most popular tech – Samsung’s AllShare – requires a Samsung-specific box and mobile device.

With Chromecast, the issue seems to be resolved. And it is available on Google Play, and for $35. Will you jump on this one?

Update: Chromecast will be available in the USA only. Time to head down to America for some shopping.


  • Chrome262

    actually this is good, my air doesn’t have airplay because it was made just before they put it out, so while you can share with it using other software, airplay won’t recognize the wifi card thats in it. Can you use iTunes?

  • Guest

    Oh and a review of this would be rocking.

  • Chrome262

    I think I might get this, for the one pc I still have left in the house,

  • Erik Kappel

    The only issue for me is I tend to use VLC to watch my movies and whatnot. The moment VLC adds support for this is the very same moment I’ll buy it!

  • Brian Hill

    So stupid how you can’t buy it if you live in Canada. It’s only available in the US. That wasn’t mentioned in this article.

  • We’ve updated the article to reflect Canada is a third world country for the latest tech.

  • Just ship to ‘Merica, pick up from one of those post office box receiving companies. That is if you live close enough to the border 🙂

  • Anthony

    It might be a joke but so true.

  • matt

    when will it be released? im in california right now for vacation and will be heading to vegas afterwards so i wanna be able to pick this up before i head back to canada next week