Greenpeace to Apple: iCloud Still not iClean Enough


Greenpeace: Apple Needs to Get Greener

Greenpeace wants Apple to get cleaner.

A new report released on Thursday gave Apple a “C” rating in a couple key clean energy categories, including “Renewals and Advocacy” and “Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emission.”

While this is an improvement over the previous “D” ranking in these same categories, there is still much work to be done before the technology guru gets an “A” for Apple.

The report card released by Greenpeace (why do I have a mental image of Tim Cook being scolded like a schoolboy?) gives Apple a 22.6 percent clean energy rating.

This may not sound that great but it’s certainly an increase over the brutal 15.3 percent rating Apple received last time (is there a letter after “F”?)

How can Apple get cleaner? It’ll take more than running it under the kitchen sink.

According to Greenpeace and its clean energy roadmap, “Apple has the potential to set a new bar with its coal-free iCloud commitment.” But according to Gary Cook, Greenpeace’s senior technology analyst, “its plans to reach this goal are still mostly talk and not enough walk.”

Apple disagrees.

“We’re committed to building the world’s most environmentally responsible data centers and are leading the industry in the use of renewable energy, including the nation’s largest private solar arrays and nonutility fuel cell installation,” said Kristin Huguet, an Apple spokeswoman.

They will do this by running their Maiden, N.C. data centre entirely on renewable energy sources by the end of 2012. 60 percent of this will come from onsite power generated by a large solar array and fuel cells. (Cool!)

This isn’t good enough for Greenpeace though, who want to know – where’s the other 40 percent?

Apple’s response? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

The 40 percent will come from other renewable energy sources like wind farms. Greenpeace is eager to know more about this initiative.

Apple states another California-based data centre will be entirely coal-free by February 2013. New data centres in Oregon and Nevada “will be designed to meet that standard from Day 1,” according to Huguet.

I, for one, believe them. When it comes to new technology, Apple always walks the walk, as well as talks the talk. Why should clean energy be any different?

[via New York Times]


  • WhatThe

    Greenpeace is a complete joke. Consists of nothing but a bunch of ignorant idiots.

  • FragilityG4

    Those Greenpeacers should go get a real job … Damn hippies.

  • exaro

    Would be a lot more informative if Greenpeace examined and reported on more than one company. Where is Apple compared to its competitors? However, Greenpeace draws more donations when it attacks the shiniest fruit, in this case Apple, and keeps its fundraising costs lower than if it did objective research. It’s all about fundraising. The salaries and travel benefits enjoyed by Greenpeace executives have to paid by someone.

    Likewise the New York Times sells more papers with an anti-Apple headline and doesn’t have to do anything more than reprint a self-serving media release from Greenpeace.

  • reformcanada

    Couldn’t of said it better myself. 😛

  • Exaro – interesting take on this. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Your logic does make sense though. The more headlines that Greenpeace makes, the more they’re in the limelight, and thus increased funds.

    I’m sure they do release similar reports on other companies though. It’s likely just not as publicized though. Because like you said – people love hating on Apple!

  • haha, your opinion is your own of course. I don’t condemn what Greenpeace is trying to accomplish, which is to hold corporations (not just Apple,) responsible for their actions. I’m in agreement with this. But yeah, it does seem like Apple makes more headlines than anyone else.

  • Honestly I don’t know enough about the topic to be able to intelligently comment on the validity and relevancy of Greenpeace. So, I won’t. But thanks for the opinion!

  • FragilityG4

    You only see Apple headlines because Greenpeace is not interested in any other company at this point because they won’t draw as much headlines – which equals more doners. Greenpeace is a joke and the more people who buy into their propaganda the richer they get.