iPhone 5 To Support Nano SIM Cards


Just moments ago, Apple announced the all new iPhone 5 with a taller 4″ Retina display, 4G LTE and a faster A6 processor. While Phil Shiller skipped a few minor details, Apple’s website now confirms that the iPhone 5 will indeed support the new Nano SIM as widely speculated.

Discussions of Nano SIMs have been going on throughout the year. These SIM cards, which are even smaller than the current micro SIMs used in iPhone 4/4S, were first introduced by German carrier, T-Mobile, last week.

Thanks Pablo!



  • wuju

    This would mean other non official carrier like ChatR can’t be used since they would not have any nano-sim card to put into the new iPhone 5. One can’t simply cut a regular SIM to nano size and still work, can it?

    For my iPhone 4S, I had to cut their regular sim card into micro sim which works.

  • You will have to wait until someone tries, but I would have to say that the nano sim may have smaller contacts, allowing it to be smaller, where as the micro SIM was essentially a regular SIM card, just smaller.

  • Jason p

    You cant micro sim is 15% thicker than a nano sim

  • pmarcovi

    I think the iPhone 5 will work on Windmbile. Is that right?

  • Mr. Speedy

    What’s next? Pico-SIMs? There is no end to this madness! Try to find this thing when it falls in the cracks of your coach, or on the kitchen floor for that matter!

  • pmarcovi

    It is not going to work 🙁

  • djepsilon

    Yuck. That means I have to likely deal with a Rogers rep directly.

  • Frank

    Well i’m gonna get the iphone 5 and try to cut a regular sim card! I checked the wiki and it’s only 0.9 mm thinner XD Its the size of a piece of paper, i think i can make it fit no problem. My only concern is if they switched the placement of the connectors, oh well… I guess we’ll see! I’ll keep you updated!

  • Frank

    0,09 mm actually! 😀

  • Rejie

    Sorry a little delayed posting. Even if we were able to cut it, will Lte still work? As all carriers are saying the ‘sim’ and phone have to be Lte enabled. Pls answer if u guys kno or have a speculation. Thanks

  • No. Rogers says you need a new SIM.

  • kinthelt

    I really want to know if I need to get onto a monthly plan, or can still use my pay-as-you-go.