iPhone 5S Slated for July; iPad 5, Retina iPad mini for October says Report


Earliert today iLounge editor Jeremy Horwitz revealed details regarding the iPhone 5S, iPad mini and iPad 5 according to his supply chain sources. He has posted a follow up report with more details from another trusted source.

iPhone 5S

  • main feature to be an upgraded rear camera, possibly Sony’s 13MP sensor, along with the previously mentioned flash upgrade and processor bump
  • current prototypes are named N51 and N53; target date mentioned is July
iPad 5
  • code name J72; October release give or take
2nd generation iPad mini
  • code name J85, currently planned for October
  • sources note the same basic feel as the first gen iPad mini but will feature a Retina display; deeper details are lacking
  • If Retina is coming without form factor changes, a thinner, denser screen will be required (i.e. IGZO), but supply issues are a factor for the year

As for the plastic backed iPhone?

The rumoured iPhone 5S upgrades are in line with what we have seen in the past. A July release would mean the next upgrade would come less than a year after the iPhone 5. For the iPad mini, but it remains to be seen whether Apple will be able to retain the same form factor given increased power requirements of a Retina display.

Back in December, Digitimes reported Apple was considering IGZO technology for future iOS displays.

In May of last year, Horwitz’s sources correctly relayed information regarding the thinner iPhone 5 and new smaller Lightning connector.

Update: Rene Ritchie over at iMore writes about what he’s heard about the next iPad and provides a mock up:


The rough concept image above shows just that — the iPad mini design applied to a 9.7-inch screen. The current iPad 4 outline is left in the background to highlight that, in addition to being lighter and thinner, the iPad mini design on the full-sized iPad would presumably be smaller as well. Same power, far less packaging.



  • The unchanged camera from the 4s is essentially why I didn’t consider the 5. So if the 5s does indeed bump up the resolution, change the flash, etc. Then I will most probably jump on it.

  • Yeah, sticking to an “S” to “S” upgrade cycle makes a lot of sense. Unless you’re an iPhone addict.

  • Actually I’m on the 4. Skipped the 4s mainly because I didn’t think the camera was enough of an upgrade to justify upgrading so soon. Then when the 5 ended up with essentially the same camera, well I figured my reason to wait still stood!

  • Jonathan W.

    As much as I like to see new product launches, it seems too rushed…too many refreshes with incremental changes. Granted, most companies in the business are doing the same. I wouldn’t want the smartphone/tablet market to crash.

    That being said, I’d consider getting the next iPad mini if the specs/price ratio is good.

  • Anon

    Camera’s on mobile phones are total crap compared to cheap stand alone point-n-shoot’s. The camera on the iPhone has pretty much reached its max potential, given the tiny lens. Any increase in pixel count, won’t do much. I guess the significantly faster A6 CPU/GPU and larger 4″ screen just aren’t good enough reasons to upgrade, eh?

  • Anon

    LOL. Refreshes every 6 months are a good thing. Those can afford won’t have to wait whole friggen year to get the latest. For those the cash-strapped individuals that can’t, they can stick to their usual 1-2 year upgrade routine. It doesn’t effect the consumer at all.