Johnny Ive Taking Control Of Apple Software Is Good For The Company [Report]


Following the departure of Scott Forstall from Apple, company’s former head of software design, Apple’s hardware design chief Jonathan Ive a.k.a Johnny Ive has been given control of software design as well, a move that will prove to be good for the Cupertino company, believe the analysts (via Reuters).

Tim Cook’s decision to make Ive, company’s celebrated industrial design chief, look into both hardware and software designs confirms that Apple is in safe hands, according to some leading analysts. Piper Jaffray & Co analyst Gene Munster said in a research note that the announcement confirms that Ive will be with the company for the foreseeable future, “putting to rest a recurring investor concern of an Apple without Ive”.

Gene added that combined with Tim Cook’s 9 years remaining on his contract with Apple, “suggests the two most critical management figures will be in place for the longer term”.

“We think that despite the departure of Forstall who ran iOS development, iOS’s future is in good hands,” Munster said.

“Though Scott Forstall’s departure is a surprise, this appears to be part of Tim Cook putting his own stamp on the company, and importantly, he is still surrounded by several key long-time Apple executives and innovators,” Robert W. Baird & Co analyst William Power said.

John Browett, recently hired as Apple’s retail chief, will also leave the company. Eddy Cue will lead Apple Maps and its Siri voice search software, while Craig Federighi will take charge of the iOS software.


  • jabohn

    Hopefully this means that the leather etc. look in iOS will be phased out. I think I read somewhere that he was against that.

  • I don’t mind skeuomorphism.

  • jabohn

    Neither do I (thanks for getting the correct term, I was too lazy to Google it). I do mind it when it hampers functionality.

  • Johnnygoodface

    That’s what he said! 🙂 and that’s about time: I hate skeuomorphism… I love when it’s lean, simple and beautifull

  • Coluch

    “John Browett, recently hired as Apple’s retail chief, will also leave the company.” This is the guy presumed to be behind the rolling back of customer friendly policies, and reducing morale among sales staff? It seems like good news all around!