LG Takes Second Place in the US from Apple, Research Firm Claims


According to a Korean market research company, Counterpoint Research, LG smartphone sales surpassed Apple in the North American mobile market in December, taking the second spot right after Samsung.

The Korean firm claims LG smartphones were a success during the holiday shopping season, and that as a result it grabbed 13% of market share, while Apple’s grip on the North American mobile market hardly reached 12%. Samsung remained at the top with 33%, while Motorola retains 9% and HTC 8%.

As the Counterpoint Research report highlights, LG Electronics lost its position in the US market in the third quarter of 2011 when Apple launched the iPhone 4S, but currently we have no reliable data on how LG smartphone sales performed during the last quarter.

One thing is certain though, the company announced that its flagship Optimus G passed one million sales last week, which at first glance doesn’t look a great success compared to the iPhone 5’s launch when Apple sold 4 million handsets during the first weekend of availability.

[Via Yonhap News]


  • Andrew

    LG has poor update support, even flagship devices are left with close to no OS upgrade. I personally would never buy an LG phone, I’d even avoid the Nexus 4.

  • Juan Gonzalez

    I am sick of hearing all these news about market share. That’s all we hear these days. Who cares!? We all knew Android was going to grab most of the market share eventually. When you flood the market with a bunch of devices (high end and low end) that’s exactly what happens!! And especially when all the cellphone companies salesperson gain more spiffs from selling an Android than iOS device, which device do you think they are trying to push more to consumers?

  • AGAIN!! Koreans build KRAPP!!! I know I unfortunately rent a KIA. Thank god I can and will return the turd.