New Samsung Ad Pokes Fun at iPhone’s Business Abilities


With each new release of iOS, Apple puts hard work into entering the enterprise market, and as you may have already guessed, Samsung is standing in line to find a spot for a successful entrance.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 7.26.36 PM
It’s new, one minute thirty-one second commercial focuses on the enterprise features of the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, but the South Korean company just can’t help but bash the iPhone and BlackBerry at the same time.

The problem is the ad fails to be funny, while it aims to promote the enterprise features the Samsung devices ship with. At the end of the long ad — and 91 seconds can be very long — it leaves you scratching your head asking yourself: wha’?

During the video, we see some great business features, such as secure encryption, S Beam, and multi-window, but Samsung needs to understand that poking fun the iPhone and BlackBerry isn’t as good for business as the marketing team may think.

As a comparison, you can visit the Apple page for business, where you’ll notice an obvious difference between how the two companies present their enterprise features [Apple / Samsung]. Just a side note: while the Samsung ad focuses on pushing more and more info into the ad, Apple focuses on delivering a clear message.

Check out the Samsung ad below:

[Via BusinessInsider]


  • JMCD23

    Sorry but this has nothing to do with Apple. The only view/mention of an iPhone is the one woman who uses an iPhone as a personal phone and a Blackberry for work. This seems directly aimed at Blackberry, perhaps a good time to show that there are other options to consider besides BB10 when released.

  • Ksmith

    If I had seen this on TV, I wouldn’t have known it was a commercial for Samsung phones until the very end, I would’ve thought it was a commercial for their game “unicorn apocalypse”

    They could’ve made a batter commercial, should’ve been more clear

  • Juan Gonzalez

    How is playing around with your phones going to entice corporate users to use Samsung phones? That commercial is a joke!! We all know the security fallacies Android has. This is just pure marketing noise. Nothing else

  • Iphonesux

    This article is a joke. Research done by Samsung targeting Iphone users does in fact help sales. Iphone users are so easily manipulated they belive what they see.

  • S2556

    This article made me scratch my head and say “wha’?”

  • bspence88

    Samsung comes off like an insecure and jealous girlfriend.