Next-Generation Apple TV Rumoured for October 23


Amazon’s German online store has shown a sudden unavailability of the Apple TV3, and noted instead that the set-top-box will be available from October 23. This captured a German blog’s attention, as it is the day following the highly anticipated iPad event. Does this suggest an imminent product refresh?


The unavailability was noticed by a German blog, Apple’s German online store still has ATV 3 in stock and ships within 24 hours, but as you can see from the above image, the Amazon listing says the device will be in stock starting October 23, 2013.

This seems to be in-line with earlier whispers about a next-generation Apple TV, which could be unveiled as early as next Tuesday.

Amazon is not leaking the next-generation Apple TV, though, and while this could just mean that it is awaiting a new shipment from Apple — considering that the device is available everywhere else — it allows a little bit of speculation about a forthcoming refresh, which, by the way, was rumoured to be arriving during the iPhone event, but didn’t materialize.

Apple will hold a special event next Tuesday, where it is widely expected to unveil the next-generation iPads, MacBook Pros, the redesigned Mac Pro, and Mavericks, the latest desktop operating system.


  • the truth

    yawn… any appletv not jailbroken is just plain useless. sorry folks.

  • hub2

    Not quite. Give Plex a try. It’s not quite as good as DLNA, but it does let you access media off your computer without it having to be in an iTunes-compatible format, by hijacking the Trailers app.

  • christopher

    Beamer, excellent app to stream any movie format to your Apple TV.

  • Air Video is great too.

  • the truth

    plex definitely does not come with atv though
    and if plex functionality is all i really want … why would i get an atv (which may or may not work with it in future updates) – roku natively works with plex for example

    that’s my 0.02$

    but hey, it’s your $99 to waste 🙂 so you’re welcome to spend it in any way you like 😀

  • hub2

    You didn’t say anything about out-of-box experience. AppleTV doesn’t come jailbroken either.

    Plex adds some functionality to make it less “plain useless,” which was a pretty low bar to get over. And it’s done without jailbreaking.

    Roku also doesn’t support Airplay, unless it’s as a hack. Since this *is* an iPhone-related site, it’s a key differentiator.

  • the truth

    roku was just an example 🙂
    raspberry pi supports plex airplay, xbmc, and a slew of other features apple tv will never support.

    my only question is why get an apple tv if you’re going to be plexing it – there are better devices for that

    anyway, will agree to disagree with you about usefulness of unjailbroken atv … 🙂