Samsung Defends Use of Plastic, Would Rather Create “Life Companion”


The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has brought mixed reviews: commentators were impressed with the tech specs of the latest flagship handset, but the theatrical presentation couldn’t hide the fact that the company has stuck with plastic.

Speaking at Engadget’s Expand conference (Via Apple Insider), Samsung Design America head Dennis Miloseski tried to defend the company’s decision, claiming materials in handset design aren’t as important as the experience. This sounds a bit strange, however, as the first interaction is physical — the touch and feel — simply because you hold it in your hands.

“Actually, the global design process has been raised,” Miloseski said. “We’re making devices thinner and lighter, screens more beautiful. With Samsung, it’s less about that but more about building a meaningful relationship with technology.”

For Samsung, the most important factor when creating the Galaxy S4 was to create a “soul for a device”:

“As these devices become smarter, letting them sense where you are and adjusting to that, it’s known that design will improve over time,” Miloseski said. “But now, we’re thinking about: how do you create a soul for a device.”

And you may recall the motto of the S4 is “life companion”, a device that learns the owner’s behaviours, and adjusts its features accordingly. Miloseski, however, left the possibility open that Samsung would use materials other than plastic, but he emphasized that the manufacturer is focusing on the software aspects rather than the materials. Here is why:

“The,” he said. “It doesn’t start with us saying, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a device that uses metal.’ The design process starts with a story. For a device [like the GS4], which is global and sells around the world, it’s a matter of going into many different tastes.”

An interesting highlight of how Samsung sees the future of handsets: We take our handsets of our pockets less and less:

“As the technology moves forward,” he explained, “we may find we’re taking these devices out of our pockets less and less, so you may see different form factors arising from that.

What about you? Do you take your smartphone out of your pocket less?


  • Sb

    That is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. “Life companion”. How about go outside and make a friend.

  • Acer12345

    Who needs friends when you have Siri?

  • Exactly. She’s pretty smart–and funny too.

  • K3

    Everyone aboard!!…it’s the souuuulllll trraaaaiinnnnnnnnnnnn!

    & yes these days my phone barely comes out of the pocket, only because its broken.

  • Even with the popularity of smart watches, people still need to take out their phones. I see what he’s saying but his rhetoric is a bit silly. Only Apple can run the reality distortion field the best, again, Samesung is copying Apple.

  • If we’re taking the devices out of our pocket less and less, why is Samsung continuining to supersize the screens?

  • True.

  • zxczxcdfd

    OMFG these Apple fanboys still exist. Yeah keep feeding the troll company.

  • K3

    He could be meaning people that mostly use something like the apple headphones and voice control over mic. Its what I had been doing here until the break down and thought everyone made use of theres the same but I guess not.

    Samesung 😉 will never be the original and lets just hope that original can come up with something all over again this year….if not, then it might be a sign that Steve really was Apple.

  • Ferb

    lol all the apple fanboys

  • wahgee

    Life companion sounds hokey. Isn’t that suppose to be your wife, husband, significant other?

  • gerry

    May as well hold your tablet by putting it in the back of your pants lol.

  • WatDaPhuck

    HA! I see what you did there, Gary! Nice double take down!

  • WatDaPhuck

    Where did you come from? Read the tag on your browser, and go troll somewhere else.

  • WatDaPhuck

    Again, where did you come from? Read the tag on your browser, and go troll somewhere else.

  • WatDaPhuck

    At least, with all the competition, we are now certain that Samsung is leader of the world in trolling.

  • Bunch of excuses

  • Sammy Sung

    I had an iPhone and that metal got a thousand scratches the first day out of the package. I would 100% rather have a plastic back on my Samsung and have a phone that I can do so much more with than have a limited old technology metal back from Apple.

  • Steve

    Regardless of whether the phone is made of plastic or metal it will still be protected by an Otter Box.

  • Flaxx

    Carbon Fiber FTW!

  • Mike

    It could be made of Styrofoam and it would still be the best phone out

  • maxx

    I use to own a iPhone 4s and the third time I dropped it the screen broke.. I own the galaxy s3 now and have dropped it dozens of times even harder and it bounces and recovers just fine. I’m not bias about ether company but my experience with samsung has been better because of the use of android. The iphone feels a little outdated but does have its premium feel though. In the end I’m happy with my switch.

  • Since you use your phone more than the time you spend with ANY of these people, I think’s not so far fetched to think of it as a life companion..

  • So yes.. Apple goes to future with the iTime-your-Machine & comes back to say they invented something when they didnt.. perhaps they invented the iPen, or the iSmartStay, or the iPhone iSpace S4-4 s.. ¬¬

  • Totally agree. Besides, metal-made phones feel just like leg-anchors xP

  • Do you get friends to work? ”I got friends there” Do you get them home? ”I got neighbors too” Do you get them to the bathroom with you? ”Amm..” As you take your phone to ALL this places and MORE, I guess its really a life companion, buddy.. c: Think before you say!