Samsung Plans To Fight, Possibly Modify The 8 Smartphones Apple Wants Banned


Samsung sure won’t leave this case without a fight. We reported over the weekend that Apple was seeking to ban 8 of Samsung’s smartphones from the United States due to infringement of Apple’s patents. The list of phones can be found below, and luckily for Samsung, their newest flagship phone isn’t on the list. 

Early Tuesday morning, Samsung confirmed they would be fighting to keep these smartphones intact on the market. Their first job of duty is to fight the ban request, if that’s failed, they plan on modifying the devices to rid them of patent infringements.

Here’s more on the report, from BGR:

“We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the U.S. market,” a Samsung spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, further noting that Samsung would file to block the injunction, appeal any injunction granted by the judge, and then modify devices should the company’s appeal fail.

Furthermore, we found that those aren’t the only smartphones Apple wants banned. They seek the ban of a total of 21 Samsung devices, including even tablets.

On a good note for Samsung, their Galaxy Tab 10.1 was not ruled a product infringing Apple’s patents and they are expected to request the ban be removed, allowing sales of the tablet in the United States.


  • Mark Roberts

    Ughhh. This is making me hate Apple. Somebody please sue them for ripping off notifications, voice search, and multitasking (among other things present in Android for years).

  • Rach

    Too much effort, where is the forgiveness?

  • Dude

    Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. Notifications in Apple was innovated by their own Push Notification system that doesn’t rely on app to notify but Apple’s own servers. Apple doesn’t multitask the traditional multitask way. And Siri is sooooo much more different than Voice Search on Android doo pleaseeee…

  • Not_Impressed

    I am getting sick of Apple. if they aren’t good enough to handle competition then get out of the market. These ridiculous patents are a joke that never should have happened.

  • joe sagui

    Clearly a apple fanboy here…

    Im getting sick of apple. It seems like ever since steve jobs passed away they shift the focus on Other companys rather developing there own. Cant just let go at the fact companys steal ideas. Hyundai does it. Sony does it. And Apple has the nerve to cry wolf theb stick up the hand saying Im innocent. GIVE ME a break…
    I am almost certain iPhone 5 is going to bomb with crappy features then have then crying someone stole their idea. They seem to not care lately with the latest software updatea. RIP steve. You def took Apple with ya.