Samsung Using Apple’s WebKit Software To Develop Its New Mobile Browser


Samsung’s president of consumer electronics division Yoon Boo-keun was quoted a few weeks ago by Korean Times saying that we will innovate and “raise the quality of our products and services by pressing further for software, design and solutions”, something that company has apparently learned following the great loss in patent dispute with Apple. Ironically, Samsung has just begun developing a new browser for mobile devices, using Apple’s open source WebKit software (via Patently Apple). Wow, how innovative!

WebKit, a software developed by Apple engineers, is an open source engine that simplifies web development. As stated on Apple’s website:

Introduced by Apple engineers, WebKit simplifies web development and accelerates innovation. An open source engine, WebKit is free for anyone to use.”

Apple filed for a trademark to protect it in May 2010 which was challenged in Canada by RIM (Research in Motion) in August 2011. However, the Canadian IP Office granted Apple the WebKit trademark on January 05, 2012, according to the source.

So no matter how Samsung spins this, their future browser will be using technology that originated with Apple engineers in collaboration with KDE team members. Apple’s registered trademark will act as a constant reminder as to who brought WebKit to market.

Looks like Samsung is copying Apple again, only this time it’s legal.


  • This is like saying mass effect was just a copy of gear of war. Clearly a pro apple article. If you use an engine/Web kit its for the tools nothing more.

  • JMCD23

    The bias is pretty absurd and shows a clear misunderstanding of what a webkit is. I expect a strong bias on this site, but it’s getting ridiculous.

  • Ugggh

    Obviously the person writing this article does not know the least bit about development.
    As a developer of hardware and firmware it is getting painful watching the pathetic patent dispute between Samsung and Apple.

  • Pauline Taylor

    It’s really great news. A browser of Samsung smartphones built by an open source software of Apple. Now let’s see what Apple is going to do this time.