Snowblower Shatters Glass Panel at Fifth Avenue Apple Store


The Fifth Avenue Apple Store’s iconic 32-foot glass cube has suffered as an indirect result of a heavy snow storm that hit New York on Tuesday: a snowblower has accidentally shattered one of the fifteen glass panels.

The breakage hit the Web late Tuesday as Instagram users began posting images of the shattered glass. Despite the cracked glass, the store remains open, and an Apple representative told Buzzfeed that the incident was caused by a snowblower.

The iconic glass cube of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store is comprised of fifteen 32-foot-tall glass panels, a 2011 renovation project having reduced the number of glass panels from 90 to 15. According to 9to5Mac, Apple faces a roughly $450,000 bill to replace the shattered glass panel.


  • Mikhail_T

    I doubt Apple will be paying that much, the insurance will be picking up most of the bill since it wasn’t the weather nor Apple that caused the damage.

  • gerry

    Is it covered by Applecare?

  • AppleCare: only $50,000