This Fisher-Price Baby Seat with iPad Mount is Causing Controversy


Fisher price iPad seat

Fisher–Price believes technology is what your child needs in order to learn – be it newborn or toddler – so they are launching and promoting a product called Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad device. The product will reportedly put “play and learning at baby’s fingertips” (via CBC).

As a father of two (aged 1 and 3), I fully agree with parents like Emily Essay, who says she will skip it and interact with her baby instead. What this product suggests is that parents can be replaced by technology, which is insane.

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In fact, screen time is not even recommended for children under the age of two. From what I know so far, this is a very hard task for a parent that has multiple multimedia devices in the house such as an iPad, iPhone or TV, because children spend their time near the parents, as they see them as a source of activities and stimulation; this human interaction cannot be replaced by an iPad.

“If parents don’t want to use the iPad, they can remove the device and a mirror will be overhead, or they can remove the bar completely. The choice is theirs,” Dr. Kathleen Alfano, Fisher-Price’s senior director of child research said in an email sent to CBC.

I would say parents need to fight against every second of screen time by interacting with the child, just like Emily.
Fisher–Price obviously has a product to sell, and the easier thing to do for a busy parent is to put the child into the bouncing seat and do nothing but launch an app or video.

Early childhood educator Andrea Winther explains the consequences of such action:

Winther said watching apps on a tablet’s screen can overstimulate a baby.

“They can’t focus on one or two things. They’re overwhelmed,” she said.

“As an adult, when you get overwhelmed, you can get up and leave a room or you can find a quiet place. A baby can’t do that.”

Would you buy this Fisher-Price product for your baby?


  • WatDah

    This takes the phrase “you gotta start when they’re young” to a whole new level.

  • “Hi Junior. Just slide your finger here to unlock your iPad. Have fun, daddy’s going golfing.”

  • WatDah

    I think it’s time we start creating an auto parenting app. Who’s in?

  • Al

    Well said.
    Besides… Screens are lame… Dangley things rule!

  • Chrome262

    I think people are over analyzing the situation. if it was a car seat and for toddlers people wouldn’t care. Or if it was for your cat to bat a mouse. If you are trying to put a baby to sleep, nice colors and music help alot, as Al said Dangley things lol, so why not on an iPad. The drama I tell you, lol

  • baby first

    Somebody needs to tell Fisher Price that this is a SICK idea.

    10 things that an Ipad is NOT:

    A babysitter (i.e. kids still need lots of adult

    An experience (i.e. kids still need a lot of real world experiences)

    A challenge (i.e. orangutans can use them)

    A hobby (i.e. physical activities are still

    A travel companion (i.e. too much screen time is harmful regardless of
    the situation)

    A guest at the dinner table (i.e. Grandma is
    well worth the time)

    A cure for boredom (i.e. boredom is, in fact, a
    precursor to creativity)

    A distinct electronic activity (i.e. too much
    screen time is harmful regardless of the medium)

    A playmate (i.e. kids still need to play with
    other kids)

    A necessity (i.e. it is okay to take it away)