This LG TV Ad Trolls Apple’s Panorama Feature [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2013 02 23 at 7 45 35 PM

The LG Optimus G Pro features a panorama mode similar to what’s available in iOS 6, but it also includes an option take 360 degree panoramas, similar to what we’ve seen in apps like 360 Panorama that launched years ago.

Now, the latest TV ad promoting their VR Panorama mode takes a jab at an earlier Apple TV spot from last September that showed off panorama mode within iOS 6. The ad simulates an iPhone using panorama mode (and slightly mocks it), then goes on to show off the larger VR Panorama mode.

Here’s the Apple TV ad to watch first:

Screen Shot 2013 02 23 at 7 45 59 PM

Introducing the iPhone 5. Now taking beautiful photos in panorama is as simple as saying “cheese”.

…and now here’s the LG ad, knocking Apple’s commercial. It uses the tale end of “kimchi” to simulate “cheese”:

Last December, LG launched an Optimus G ad slicing Apple in half. What do you think? Is this a clever ad that showcases what Apple should implement for its next panorama addition, or is LG just hatin’?

[via Android in Canada]


  • N

    bloody love it!!!

  • Jennifer

    How is this making fun of Apple? LG is just showing they have better panorama.

  • KJ

    I wish apple would go back to dissing the comp but at the same time they give no credit to no one in any form

  • Mdmd

    No one said they were making fun, just “trolling” haha

  • AW

    Well you will see Apple have this on next update and call it “magical”.

  • Eric Lewis

    Do people really buy a phone based on 1 feature of Panorama? really.. Apple’s version works just fine!