Coffee with Tim Cook Charity Auction Ends at $610,000 [Update]


The Charitybuzz auction for a coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook currently sits at $605,000, with about an hour remaining to bid. The auction was launched at the end of April and bidding quickly ballooned to $600,000 a few days later, with even a top bid made using a stolen credit card but later rescinded.

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The auction description now states “additional bank qualification is required for bids placed over $500,000” and requires bidders to contact customer support. I wonder how many eBay-like ‘auction snipers’ are out there waiting until the very last minute to bid.

Proceeds for the auction will benefit The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. The winner will have approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour with a guest to enjoy coffee and a chat with Tim Cook.

Would you shell out $605,000+ to have coffee with Apple’s CEO?

Update: the coffee date auction has ended at $610,000.


  • ryanrobert

    I wouldn’t pay $600K for a meeting with Tim Cook. I probably wouldn’t pay for the coffee either. To the winner, I hope Tim shows up with a truckload of Apple goodies.

  • K4

    I would pay 6 million to see Steve Jobs in a heartbeat. Like if you will too.

  • Kc

    I rather buy a new apartment, use as down payment and use mortgage for the rest, or buy a new car,, with that money,, total waste of money, use some money to help the poor instead, do good donation la

  • You can bet Tim might show up with a surprise or two, considering the massive final bid.

  • I’d pay 6 billion