Watch This Parody Of The Martin Scorsese Siri Advertisment [Video]


Apple’s latest Siri advertisement, starring film director Martin Scorsese, was released just over a week ago. This is the Cupertino company’s fourth Siri advertisement starring an iconic celebrity. They’ve all ceased to impress, but I find it hilarious Siri always outperforms in commercials compared to reality.

With barley a week under the advertisement’s strap, a parody video has already emerged. This one is great for everyone in agreement that Siri lacks even some of the most basic knowledge.

In the past, a number of parodies have surfaced on the internet. And some, including one with Conan O’Brien, are uniquely produced humorous commercials.

If you believe the Siri presented in the original Scorsese commercial is impressive, just wait until the release of iOS 6. Siri will receive many updates allowing users to ask Siri about sports, movies, and much more. Siri will even work with the new iOS Maps application to guide you through the city.

What are your thoughts on this parody?


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  • LOL yup that is my Siri experience half the time……

  • Dennys

    Not much of a parady, actually. A perfect example of my experience with Siri!!!