Worst Samsung Ad of 2013? [VIDEO]


Samsung galaxy Gear

After a decent launch ad comparing the Samsung Galaxy Gear to gadgets seen in TV shows from the 80s, Samsung is back with another very weird ad, titled “Are You Geared Up?”

The 2:31 long ad — if you have patience to watch it in full — aims to show all of the great things the smart watch is able to do, but it does that in a very weird way: It shows a Galaxy Gear-equipped guy who is able to win the affection of a beautiful girl named Aimee by showing her the cool stuff his gear is capable of. (Video below)

I wanted to write that this is the worst Samsung ad I’ve seen this year, but I think the Samsung 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive ad beats it. At the very least, they both top the list of the worst ads seen in quite some time.

Which ads top your “Worst Ads I’ve Ever Seen” list?


  • pooh boy…

    oh boy I’m peeing blood tonight from that

  • Stefan

    It is really tough to decide witch one is worse. What were they thinking….?!

  • Acer12345

    Hey man, leave the witches out of this. Have you not been watching American Horror Story Coven?


    Was this written by a 4th grader? Such lame scripts/plot?/acting. It feels like its aimed at a non-english speaking audience and kept incredibly simple to make understandable. The result of course is terrible. To be fair, Apple’s ads slipped a little (except for the holiday one).


    PS: I was talking about the 1st ad. The second one sounds like its aimed at completely PC illiterate people. Seriously the myth of PCs “getting slower” after months of used is horrible.

  • WatDah

    This is the result from trying too hard to be different. Just like the name Aimee. No thanks, I’ll stick with my Tourbillons and iPhone.

  • lalalalalalaalalaSU

    google: LSU Music video ad

    THAT is the worse ad of 2013.. possibly of all time

  • SuperMan

    That’s really bad, but not as bad as these Samsung ads.

    Here’s why:

    1) It’s a parody, so being bad is acceptable (though not this bad).
    2) It’s made a by a bunch of students who aren’t really supposed to know any better.
    3) It’s NOT made by a multibillion dollar company with professional ad teams, who are the business of making their products seem sleek and cool.
    4) It’s doesn’t contain a bunch of terrible stereotypes like the 2nd Samsung one, (just terrible singing and wayy too much enthusiasm).

    In short, that one is bad, but these Samsung ads are just terrible, and they should know better. It may seem shallow, but ads like this really make me not want to buy Samsung. It just shows they don’t care enough about their products. You can say this is an outside agency hired by Samsung or whatever, but when you look at Apple (or even MS) they have standards to how their products are presented because they give a damn. Clearly Samsung does not.

  • FragilityG4

    Samsung copied Rogers’ old ads with the jealous guy always following the dude with the Rogers phone … And in Samsung fashion, it’s a terrible reproduction. (Not that the original was good!)

  • nolies

    I don’t know about you but both apple and Ms have bad ads about their products, case in point: apples plastic/metal perfection? Ms and pawn stars? There’s always gonna be bad ads, doesn’t make their products bad just because some tool decided to skimp on the marketing budget…

  • nolies

    Second one takes the cake, was one of the tightest races in history, Samsung really needs help if this is their new lines of ads

  • kery76

    worst ad ever? how about iPhone ad where your thumb goes from here to here.

  • xxxJDxxx

    My PCs have all seemed to get slower after a few months…..

  • lovetoeatallthefood

    Oh I dunno, I thought that Apple’s “switch” ad campaign was much worse. Though the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” campaign was even dumber, it’s almost as if Apple were deliberately pandering to the part of their userbase who will happily repeat marketing slogans without any irony.

  • S13Love

    You guys are hilarious.

    So much Apple fanboyism here.