WSJ: BlackBerry May Break BBM into a Separate Company



Ahead of its potential sale, BlackBerry is considering turning BBM into a spinoff subsidiary, which would allow it to operate with more independence, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based smartphone maker is working to revive BlackBerry Messenger even as it pursues a strategic review that could result in a sale of the company.

The subsidiary would be called BBM Inc., according to people familiar with the matter. The move signals that BlackBerry is trying to position BBM as a valuable asset ahead of a potential sale.

The company announced a couple months ago that BBM will be available on multiple platforms this summer, not BlackBerry only. Fact is, this move could boost its user base, which currently stands at 60 million users, while WhatsApp has surpassed 200 million users worldwide.

The launch of BBM on other platforms will also bring a Twitter-like tool, BBM Channels, and the WSJ has even heard something about a desktop variant as well.

In fact, most of the planned offerings have been in progress internally over the past few years, according to the WSJ’s sources. They had already developed a working closs-platform BBM service three years ago, but executives decided not to make it available to the public. The desktop version of the popular BBM messaging app was also developed a couple years ago, but yet again, executives decided not to proceed.


  • Chrome262

    they are always late to these things. when the instant messager market went crazy this might of been a big deal, but now? a desktop app would be nice like iMessage, and ties in other messengers, but it might be to little to late. Who knows though bbm does have a name.

  • DickGozinya

    Me thinks they need to actually have a multiplatform product in service before attempting a stunt like this. They said the end of summer… Well, that time is nigh. They don’t have many days left to screw around before the solidify their position as the has been that couldn’t deliver on anything.

  • 2EyesWideOpen2

    Multi-platform BBM is coming in too late. They should have introduced BBM to other OS’s before Face Time took hold. Face Time is the number one reason non-business Blackberry users jumped ship to iPhone.

  • toolate


  • crosseyed_mofo

    ill be sure to bbm everyone i know and tell them to dl kik