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Apple Releases Design Resources for iOS, Compatible with Photoshop and Sketch

Apple updated the iOS Human Interface Guidelines on its Developer site to include downloadable graphical templates.


Tesla Crash Rate Decreased by 40% After Inclusion of Autopilot

Tesla vehicle crash rates dropped almost 40 percent after the installation of Autopilot’s Autosteer feature.


Apple Pencil 2 Reportedly Coming this Spring with Magnets and a Pocket Clip

Apple is planning to release a new version of the Apple Pencil this spring.


SaskTel Announces 4G LTE Roaming in the U.S. in Partnership with AT&T

SaskTel announced that it has signed a deal with AT&T to enable 4G LTE roaming for its customers traveling to the United States.


Former Swift Lead Chris Lattner Explains Why He Moved To Tesla

Lattner explained why he moved to Tesla.


FTC Accuses Qualcomm of Forcing Apple to Use its Baseband Processors

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission launched a lawsuit against Qualcomm.


Apple Will Reportedly Offer 32GB of Desktop-Class RAM in 2017 MacBook Pro

Apple will reportedly offer a new high-end MacBook Pro model in 2017 with up to 32GB of desktop-class RAM.


Android Creator Andy Rubin is Planning to Announce AI-Focused ‘Essential’ Smartphone

Andy Rubin is reportedly preparing to announce a high-end AI-focused smartphone with a bezel-free screen and a ceramic back.


Professional Photographers Continue Switching to iPhone for Everyday Photography

The best camera is the one you always have with you!


Crazy ‘iPhone 8’ Concept Includes Everything You’ve Ever Wanted [PICS]

The latest iPhone 8 concept was imagined by Handy-Abovergleich and is definitely the most realistic so far.


Swift’s New Project Lead Ted Kremenek Has Been Running the Show For Quite Some Time

Just a few days ago, Apple’s senior manager Ted Kremenek was named …


Apple Campus 2: Mid-January 2017 Construction Update [VIDEO]

Duncan Sinfield posted a video showing a mid-January 2017 construction update of Apple’s new Campus 2.