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Apple Reportedly Hires NASA Augmented Reality Guru Jeff Noris

Apple has hired Jeff Noris, an augmented reality (AR) expert from NASA.


How to Keep Your iPhone From Making Noise When you Plug it in

Have you ever wanted to charge your iPhone without having it make a noise when you plug it in?


iPhone 8 Dummy Model Shows Off Stunning Edge-to-Edge Display

Images showing an iPhone 8 dummy unit were published today by Benjamin Geskin on Twitter.


Apple Threatened to Remove Uber from the iOS App Store After Violating Rules

Uber was using its iOS developer rules to identify users’ devices by hardware ID.


Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ Speed Test [VIDEO]

How does Samsungs larger Galaxy S8+ fare in a speed test against Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus?


Internal Documents Offer First Look at Apple’s Self-Driving Software Platform

Documents filed as part of Apple’s application to test self-driving cars in California were revealed on Friday.


Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week: ‘Cut the Rope: Magic’

Cut the Rope: Magic by ZeptoLab UK Limited is Apple’s free iOS app of the week.


JoeyCo Online Delivery Service Launches in Toronto and Mississauga

Online-based delivery service JoeyCo has launched in Toronto and Mississauga.


CRTC: Canadian ISPs Can’t Exempt Certain Content From a Person’s Data Cap

The CRTC has decided that ISPs in Canada can’t pick which apps and services count against your data cap.


Toronto Police to Launch Mental-Health App to Connect Officers with People in Crisis

Toronto police are preparing to roll out an app that will let officers connect people in crisis with mental health services.


New Rogers CEO Joe Natale Making Customer Service a Top Priority

Joe Natale made it clear he will make customer service his top priority.


Uber Launches UberEats Food Delivery Service in Montreal

Today, Uber announced that it has launched its food delivery service called …