Will the $60/10GB Promo Plan from Rogers, Telus and Bell Return?


Were you able to jump on the promo $60/10GB plan offered by Rogers, Telus, Bell, and their flanker brands Fido, Koodo and Virgin?

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If you missed out, they could be coming back at some point, but carriers remained mum when asked by CBC News.

Telus said their $60/10GB plan was a response to “a competitor’s offer”, but didn’t talk about future plans. Bell and Rogers mentioned they offer holiday promos and competitive deals will continue.

When the ‘Big 3’ were asked why the $60/10GB plan won’t remain a permanent deal, all three did not respond.

Many customers over the weekend and yesterday tried to call in or visit stores to switch to the promo $60/10GB plan, but customer support remained overwhelmed. Many got busy signals after hours spent on the phone.

According to Katy Anderson from the consumer advocacy group, OpenMedia, she said “I hope that we’ll see kind of like a backlash of outrage as people complain about not getting it, and I hope that the companies take notice.”

Anderson added, “It’s a wake-up call to Canadians that these companies can offer those prices if they’re pushed to.”

Props to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile

These promo plans offered by Rogers, Telus and Bell were no accident, as they were a response to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile and the latter’s $60/10GB ‘Big Gig’ plan launched in October. Coupled with Freedom’s expanding LTE network and recent launch of the iPhone, the ‘Big 3’ clearly are seeing customers switch over to this new fourth wireless player, which is why they had to match the plan.

Freedom Mobile stepped things up again, by dropping the price of their $60/10GB plan by $10 per month, as it currently is still available at $50/10GB, with the tag line “Stop paying too much for data.” The plan comes with unlimited talk to Canada and the USA, unlike plans offered by Rogers, Telus and Bell.

As long as Freedom Mobile keeps offering this plan, you can bet Rogers, Telus and Bell will bring back the $60/10GB plan.

Some wireless promos are still being offered in Quebec by Koodo, Virgin and Fido, as $49/8GB plans are available.

Telus Memo Says $60/10GB Plan Still Within the System?

How so? According to an internal Telus memo seen by iPhone in Canada, the carrier noted today the 10GB plan is “now expired but due to system issues they may still appear active in the system.” Telus advises staff to not offer these plans as they will not be honoured. In other words, the $60/10GB plan remains in the system, a hint it could come back in the future.

Our informal poll which asked readers which carrier they chose for the $60/10GB plan, saw Koodo Mobile emerge as the top choice, followed by Rogers, Fido and Telus pretty much tied for second, with Bell/Virgin getting fewer votes than its rivals.

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Were you able to nab the $60/10GB deal in time before it ‘expired’?


  • Sean

    I did get the plan when Rogers first announced it, but I can’t through to anyone at Rogers to port my number; chat, phone and social media all either non-responsive or unavailable, however understandably with the volume of users wanting to get in on the deal.

  • Corey Beazer

    I picked the wrong week to go on vacation…

  • FragilityG4

    I got it online when it came to Ontario Saturday morning. I had to call back a couple times to make sure the bonus data didn’t expire. Some advise if it does come back, call at 8am or 5pm as people tend to be commuting then. It worked for me, at five I was on hold for twenty minutes!

  • gtasscarlo

    I signed up for the $85/10GB plan since I had a tab balance already.

  • rick

    what is forgotten in any article i have read is that this was a targeted offer – so again – users in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and places west are not even given the opportunity to participate – in a country that sells itself to the world as a a place of unity, inclusion and the same opportunities for all Canadians – this was a form of consumer discrimination – we have koodo, we have virgin, we have bell, we have rogers, we have telus in atlantic canada – but we must pay twice as much as our firends, relatives and neighbors because we live in a different province!

  • Guest

    Freedom Mobile’s network is extremely poor. If you like using dial-up internet speeds and constant call drops, then happily give em a try. As well, Lucky Mobile, you’d be lucky to get any network coverage.

  • RogueR

    Spoken by someone who obviously has never used them. I switched over and couldn’t be happier and saving a bunch.

    Speeds are just fine and I’ve had 1 call drop since I signed up.

    And Freedom keeps on improving. Screw the big 3 and their monopoly prices

  • Leo

    I was on hold for an hour 57 minutes and then took 28 minutes to sign me up. Was placed on hold several times to clarify questions.

  • Olley

    I tried freedom for iPad data back in 2013 and the speed was horrendous as f… took about 20-30 seconds just to load google front page. Alright, that was 3G but again, this summer a friend on freedom LTE waited almost 2 min to upload an Instagram pic and we were in Vancouver downtown core.

  • nando

    I waffled back and forth for the first few days and then hit the wall of busy that was 19th. Couldn’t get a hold of Rogers through any channel. Walked over to Mayfair to give the Rogers reps a try and after the last straw of terrible service, made a decision between the competitors and went over to Virgin and ported out. C-ya later and good riddance. Gotta love competition. Consumers have the power, who would have thought.

  • One thing is sure… Freedom Fast LTE in Vancouver was launch in December 2017… 🙂 So it’s much better now… And it’s why they are so aggressive on adding new customers.

  • Finally some competitions and better prices on the West coast. Used to live in Montreal and once Videotron started offering their Mobile services, the price went down…. and now with Freedom, we can maybe dream about the same thing for the rest of the country (especially now, I’m in Vancouver).

  • Patrick Ducharme

    Did not see it available at any carriers in Québec.

  • I upgraded my Rogers account to this online. Took about 15minutes. Now to kill off home internet!

  • xeronine992

    I thought about switching to it, as the price would be the same as I’m currently paying for my two lines, but I’d lose out on my $5/month tablet SIM and the overages would increase from $15/GB to $70/GB ($7/100MB). It was a tough call, but nothing I can do about it now.

  • Olley

    I think you’re referring to LTE band 66 for this year’s iPhones but my friend had a galaxy this summer. freedom LTE was slowwwwww…

  • My 1/2 cents

    Personally, this deal (or better) should they become available won’t happen again, if at all.

    It’s the Canadian mentality to be hopeful despite the likelihood of the contrary. If we look at the history of the data plans, lt’s go back to the iPhone 3 or 3G era. Each year, Robelus would offer the 6 GB plan for $30, but it was only during the iPhone launch. Eventually, that was scrapped several years ago and the carriers (I won’t include Freedom in this discussion) raised their rates and gave a lot, lot less data. The $30/6GB never returned. Even corporate plans went up and for 6 GB was removed. Rogers/Fido and Bell jacked up the plan rates and forced people onto other plans.

    More recently, many people were being very “hopeful” that Public Mobile would be offering the $40 (less $2 pre authorized payment) or $38/4 GB plan billed every three months. Did the plan ever come back? Yes and no. PM offered it at one point for Freedom customers wishing to switch. Otherwise, the next best offer by PM was $40 and 3G speeds.

    With new CRTC regulations coming in 2018, some people are banking on plans just as good (per gigabyte) but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    And for those poor souls on PM, remember when a newer better plans rolls out, you’re SOL because PM won’t prorate your bill/charges. You will lose up to $120+ tax for making the switch because you’re on a prepaid plan.

  • My 1/2 cents

    So you have unlimited data on your phone that you can disconnect your home internet?

  • My 1/2 cents

    There’s always exceptions such as yourself, but for the majority Freedom coverage is poor. Since you are very defensive about Freedom, it’s quite obvious you’re somehow affiliated with Freedom or have a stake in the company.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Sure, if you’re going to compare their old 1-2 Mbps 3G to their new LTE network where if you’re lucky you might get 30-40 Mbps when Telus and Bell often exceed speeds of over 100 Mbps, some people might feel the network is fast.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Your friend’s experience is quite common. Eventually, there will be a lot of people ditching Freedom and that could spell doom for Freedom if they can’t improve coverage and speeds. Should they disappear, then high rates and lack of competition will be a thing of the past.

  • George Dumitrascu

    are you working for the big three thieves? I live in Vancouver and I could not be happier with the choice I made when I switched to Freedom about a year ago. Quit talking bad about things you don’t know…

  • No, just 10gigs. I am cutting back to save $150 a month. TV is going as well. I’ll survive!

  • My 1/2 cents

    yes, it’s unfortunate that Atlantic Canada doesn’t have much recognition and you guys are usually left out of these kinds of promotions. I know how you feel because that’s how most of us in BC felt for a very long time.

  • My 1/2 cents

    At least you had fun, right?

  • My 1/2 cents

    Ok. You’re very ambitious. I hope you can do it. Streaming media sucks up a lot of data. Good luck!

  • RogueR

    So I guess with that logic you are with the big 3.

    It’s just funny listening to people who have never used Freedom or Wind, those that used Wind 4 years ago or those that have a “friend” who used it, talk badly about it.

    I go where I get the best service for my money. Freedom is doing just fine and improving. No one needs 100mbps on their phone to look at their email, post on Facebook or look at YouTube. But to those that do believe they “need” those speeds, hey, the big 3 is just waiting to take your money at insane prices lol. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy spending my savings on other things

  • Ya, no streaming with just 10gigs, or at least only a couple shows!

  • RogueR

    No reason to ditch. Best prices, most data and coverage is fine and getting better all the time.

    Enjoy overspending with the big 3 bud!

  • Olley

    talk badly about what? their well known terrible reception in the first place? I was sharing my past experience with freedom but I guess that triggered you somehow. Do you need a safe space to hide or you’re still crying about Hillary’s lost from last year…?

  • RogueR

    Wasn’t even replying to you but if you need the attention….you were never with Freedom so how would you know? Oh right a friend tried loading something one time, gotcha

    Hillary?Out of left field with that one bud but Ok now you’re just a proven idiot trump supporter lol

  • pkosta

    You can still get the deal at freedom mobile

  • pkosta

    You need a LTE band b66 phone and then you are pushing 74Mbps download speeds faster the WiFi. Check the coverage map and get an 2017 flagship phone and it works on the TTC subway in the tunnel

  • warpdrive

    Yep….. I lost the last month worth of the 3 month cycle. Worth it to switch to Telus though. Wifi calling, VoLTE, AppleWatch support and more data at a cheaper price percentage wise…

  • warpdrive


  • warpdrive

    I’ve been watching the good deals that residents of Quebec have been getting over the years….. so you’ll forgive me when I don’t feel sorry for you guys. Lol

  • Steve

    My hotspot feature no longer works – I called Rogers and was told that the new 10 gig plan did not support Personal Hotspot! I was told nothing would change with my current plan in terms of features… Anyone figure out a workaround?

  • iPedro1000

    I somehow didn’t hear about the deal until late on the very last day. I tried calling Bell and was met with a “lines are too busy” notice so I walked up the street and into a Bell store and was seen immediately. Less than 10 minutes later, I walked out with my bill cut in half with the same 10GB that I’ve been fighting for the last couple of years.

    I had to sacrifice my Apple Watch’s LTE but I couldn’t pass on cutting my bill in half. I’d been fighting with Bell to get “10GB for $100 max”, even going as far as cancelling my line and waiting for them to come back to me with a better offer. But they never budged. I reluctantly paid $120 for 12GB and I hated it but I thought “this is how it is in Canada”. I still can’t believe I have a decent rate with enough data. Finally.

    Now, time to fight for that Apple Watch LTE add-on with my plan. Telus offers a dedicated 1GB for AppleWatch plans, even with the 10/60 plan.

  • El Cockblock

    That exact 6GB plan is what I’ve clinged for over the years, since my iPhone 3G. I kept changing phones but never let go of the data plan, until now. I jumped right into the $60/10GB and won’t let go for the next few years.

  • Cam McArthur

    now they know how we feel when they get the good promos

  • Async8

    You’re overstating Telus LTE speed and understating Freedom’s. I’ve done a few tests in Brampton, ON. My LG G4 on Telus commonly gets around 65 Mbps, while a Samsung S7 on Freedom was getting around 50 Mbps. Not as fast, to be sure, but certainly not as profound a difference as you have indicated. Of course these are localized results, but i felt it was important to highlight this experience rather than leaving Freedom painted with a broad brush.

  • Chuck B

    I was fed up with the small gigs in Canada and signed up for the Rogers “share everything” with 6 gigs just for myself 2 months ago here in BC. I got a 30% discount on $110 as my Employer Remax has a deal with them and I was still paying $80 a month so getting this 10 gig plan for $60 as a replacement was very pleasant. I had previously been envisioning a trip to Manitoba to get one of their deals. I’m good now till Freedom Mobile builds a tower near me. And when they do I will keep the Rogers 10 gig for my first sim and get a Freedom Mobile plan for the second sim and fire my cable company ( which is Shaw who owns Freedom Mobile )

  • Kate

    Telus isn’t supporting the Apple Watch 3 LTE, yet.

  • warpdrive

    Telus enabled Apple Watch support on Friday, December 8, 2017. The 10 for 60 plan definitely supports the Telus Apple Watch 10$ plan…. I know because I enabled it through the Watch app and it works great!

  • Kate

    Coverage is fine?! Yeah, they have a Home network as big as a pantry..

  • Kate

    I simply need that speed because it’s actually 4x faster than my ISP. So I’m always on LTE.

  • Kate

    Lol @ politics on a phone plan thread.

  • Kate

    “Faster than Wi-Fi”, depending on your ISP speed.
    And 74Mbps is normal LTE speed.

  • Kate

    There’s always Wi-Fi!

  • Kate

    Welp, that’s nice! 😀